Celebrating our 8 Year Nomadiversary!
Mt. Hood, Oregon, January 15, 2019.

Mt. Hood, Oregon, January 15, 2019.

8 years ago today we took our biggest leap of faith as a family by letting go of our suburban house on a cul de sac, corporate 9-5 job, and everything we had worked to obtain and we jumped head first into a life on the road. We stuffed what we could into 250 sq ft of veggie powered RV and hit the highway not even knowing where we were going or what we were doing. We followed a strong pull of the heart to see more, live more simply and sustainably, and to spend more time together as a family. We really didn’t know anyone else doing this crazy thing, especially with kids. But, as soon as we hit the road, we found loads of other families doing the same and our nomadic neighborhood on wheels was born. Some are still on the road, others have long stopped, and lots have joined along the way, so now we have friends all over this country and can’t wait to meet up with some internationally. We have been to 48 states so far, welcomed two more precious souls to our family born into nomadic life both by RV homebirth, adopted our road dog, grew our family non-profit into a working mobile educational unit that has taught educational programs at over 100 events to date, hiked 21 National Parks and hundreds of miles together as a family, and have countless adventures we could share. Seriously, so many I think it’s time for me to finally write that book.

But, no matter all the places we’ve been, all the mountains we’ve hiked, all the miles we’ve travelled, it’s always been about the journey and the love grown along the way. Because for us it hasn’t so much been about finding that perfect place to live, there are so many beautiful places we’ve grown to love and call home, it has been more about the soul journey of finding ourselves. Discovering our passions and gifts and life purpose, serving others, marching and standing up for those that need a voice, gathering community, making changes for the future of our food and health and kids. And, learning how to heal old wounds, discover our inner light, and live as close to nature as possible, knowing exactly how much energy and water we use, how much waste we create, and getting our family rhythms in tune with a more natural rhythm. 

It hasn’t always been easy, or a natural flow at all. There have been super tough times, financial hardships, family sickness to overcome, broken engines, broken RV, times with no running water and no close water source, frozen pipes, lugging sewer up a hill once a week, down right exhausting life lessons that we will always be grateful for because they have all led us to who we are today and I am proud of all we have endured together. Because being together through it all has been what it’s about all along. And, being able to explore all the beauty out there, have the kids’ education be hands on life learning in some pretty epic places, and meet amazing people along the way, well, nomadic life has been our best risk we’ve ever taken. 

Oregon Coast, Summer 2018.

Oregon Coast, Summer 2018.

No matter what the future holds, we will always hold these years as some of our best. And, we’ve planted seeds of exploration into our kids that will last a lifetime. They now want to see the world and are currently researching other countries and places to hike and adventures to be had. Our goal this year is to get to Alaska, possibly Hawaii, and to continue to take the journey as it comes. To constantly lean into growing into better humans, better partners, better parents, better life adventurers. And, to keep on sharing that love and spreading the peace. 2018 you were a pretty hard year for us in so many ways, and the main lessons we learned were to be more in the now, to be more intentional with our focus and purpose, and to allow the flow rather than try and force it. It also taught us a lot on how to shift our mindset and lean into our gratitudes even when things were super hard. Life, you are so beautiful, constantly teaching us in so many ways. 2019 we are so excited for you! And, we are ready. Ready for more adventure, more time together, and more of this purposeful life.

Angela Malson
7 Year Nomadiversary with our family of now 7!!!!!!!

7 years ago yesterday (1/15/11) we took a giant leap into the unknown and left behind our life in the suburbs to hit the road full-time as a family 🚎💫💙🙌🏽 We stuffed what we could from our 1900 sq ft house into a 250 sq ft RV that ran on waste veggie oil and chose the road less traveled. It was a fast learning curve, we had to figure out what we truly needed, how to live in a tiny space with three kids (and a dog), where to get alternative fuel, how to balance self-employment and family time, and you know what, we’re still figuring all of that out, two more kids, and another rig later 😂🙃☺️ We’ve traveled from coast to coast (a few times), visited 48 states and over 20 National Parks and Monuments, along with hundreds of other National Forests and State Parks. We’ve hiked countless miles in all sorts of terrain and weather 👣 We’ve lived off-grid for months at a time, and stayed at all sorts of campgrounds and camps and farms in all kinds of places. We’ve participated in marches against Monsanto and for food freedom, protests for women’s rights and equality for all, and demonstrations to bring awareness and legislative change for GMO labeling in a number of different states. We stood with Standing Rock for two months and joined with nations from all over the world to bring awareness to the importance of our sacred water, lands, and indigenous rights. We’ve also worked over a hundred events from small college workshops to local farmers markets to three day camping festivals to huge Earth Day events in big cities. Our kids have grown up on the road, it’s really the only home our three youngest even know ☺️ And, we had two beautiful homebirths (one a water birth) in our RV, that truly has given new meaning to our beloved Eco Womb 👶🏼💙🙏🏽 But, the most beautiful part of the journey hasn’t been in the practical details of life on the road, it’s been in the magic of self-discovery, spiritual awakening, connecting on a deeper level with nature, learning to walk lighter on the earth, discovering our heritage, seeing the landscape and world through the eyes of our children, life learning right alongside them, finding our true passions, healing past wounds, finding our individual light to shine, and connecting with community across the miles that truly make home wherever we are together 💙 It’s been a wild and crazy adventure, there have been so many pitfalls and bumps in the road, but we’ve gained strength as a family by doing it all together. For, as cliche as it might sound, it’s never been about the destination, but always about the journey. Excited for what the next seven years brings and for our journey to continue unfolding 🚎💫💙🙌🏽

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Angela Malson
The Best of the Best

The best thing to happen in 2017. Our sweet Izzy Blue 💙 He has brought such love and light and joy and balance into our home and hearts. He has brought healing and happiness and a steady calm into our family. Our little light being, we are so happy you chose us, and we can't wait to see how 2018 shines because of your added stardust 💫💫💫💫💫💙🙏🏽 #sweetsweetbabyboy #ourlittlelightbeing#ecowombbaby #ecowombbirth#homebirth #waterbirth #rvbirth#bestgiftever #2017 #2017bestnine#happynewyear #2018 #letsshine

Angela Malson
Celebrating our 6 Year Nomadiversary!

6 years ago today we made a giant leap of faith, took a risk to sell our house and everything in it, hit the road in a tiny home on wheels and made the open highway our new adventure. The journey has taken us to so many amazing places, opened our hearts to so many amazing friends we now call family, allowed us to hike and camp and breathe in the beauty that this world has to offer, and recommit our passions to serve as a family of activists. We have continued to run Eco Womb, our family non-profit, working events across the country to teach about sustainable living, going organic, protecting our planet, getting out into nature as a family, and how to do it all with a toddler and teen and two in between. We now have one more little earth warrior on the way, have been to 47 states so far, and have grown together as a family in so many ways. There have been plenty of tough times when it all seemed too crazy to continue, and too hard to press on, but those lessons just brought us closer as a family and have awakened our souls to stay open to what is our true path. Leaning into trust, knowing we always end up where we are meant to be, and allowing the road ahead to unfold as our hearts lead the way has been our guide. Setting intentions to blog more this year, making time to write and document more photos from our journey, and sharing more of the stories behind the adventures. So, we celebrate six years and whatever the next six bring, and breathe in all of the memories and love 💙✨🙏🏼🌎❄️💙


Angela Malson
2016, what a year! 2017, here we come!

2016, what a year! So full of love and heartbreak, success and trauma, abundance and loss for so many, and also global unity, spiritual awakening and amazing memories a plenty. We had such a fulfilling Tour this past year, traveling from South Florida where we got and renovated our new (to us) Eco Womb Tour Bus, up the east coast and onward through the midwest and northern states. We now have been to 47 states total and have seen and experienced so much. Our most amazing memories from this past year was definitely our two months at Standing Rock and our commitment to stand together as one with millions from across the planet to protect our water and sacred ground for future generations. We learned so very much from our time at camp, made so many amazing friends we now call family, lived off grid for months and enjoyed sacred time as a family connecting back to our own personal native roots. And, accepted the call from our newest sweet soul that asked to come through us to be a part of the awakening happening. Our greatest gift in 2017 will be welcoming our fifth child, and our greatest lessons will be all that we experienced and learned and the growth that took place from our time at camp this past fall. One thing that remains constant is our love and commitment to stand up and make change as a family, and the strength that prevails through all the difficult moments together. We are looking forward to 2017 and the beauty and love and light and health and calm that we can feel on the horizon. We are looking forward to a rising up of all in order to stand together as one. And, we are looking forward to the love that is family continue to grow as we welcome our newest little earth warrior. Happiest of New Years to you all and thank you always for all of your love and support you show our family in all that we do. And, to all the light warriors out there, thank you for shining the way ✨🙏🏼💛🙌🏽🌎💦


Clint Malson
We did it!

We did it! After contemplating it for over a year, investing into a new engine, celebrating five years in the original Eco Womb Tour Bus, and then deciding as a family to sell our home, we did it (in less than a couple weeks)! It all happened so fast and the past two months have been so very busy with such a big transiton, that I am just now getting on here to catch up. If ever you see this Blog space go quiet, visit us over on Instagram. It has become this busy Mama's space for journaling our days in a quick and easy fashion, with snippets of our daily life and pics from our travels. It's for the days that I don't have enough hands (or minutes) to pull out my computer to compose a Blog, but can find a few minutes (tucked into the bathroom maybe, or late at night when all the kiddos are fast asleep?!) on my phone to post an update. Silly, but true. And, when I can, as time allows, I will come back here, to this space, where my words can flow more freely.

As for the big transition, we had been talking about getting a new (to us) rig, a little bit bigger, maybe a slide or two, more horsepower (said the Daddyman), definitely a bigger fridge (said the two growing teen boys, ha!), and more storage compartments for all of our event materials. So, we perused Craigslist often over the winter, and came across another full-time family that was selling in order to downsize. We loved that their rig was move-in ready for us, meaning we didn't have to do a ton of renovations just to move in which would have been difficult when living in the space. And, we loved that they had already retrofitted for their family, adding a bunk space, took out furniture for more floor space, etc. And, it was everything else we were looking for, diesel pusher to convert to veggie, space for solar, big fridge, two slides, bathtub, big and separate closet space to convert to bunks, and plenty of outside storage bays. And bonus that it was located in the Florida Keys, so we thought what a wonderful excuse to get to the Keys for a few days, haha. So, we did, and not only fell in love with the rig, but also with the family that had loved in it and lived in it for the past year and a half. It was their first rig that got them on the road, and now they were looking to downsize to a Toyota Mini-Motorhome so that they could camp in smaller spaces and not have to tow a car, but instead just fit into a regular parking spot. Be sure to check out Freewheelin Family to follow along on their adventures. They were so sweet and so accomodating and that weekend we knew we were really ready. It was the push we needed to say let's make it happen. And so, I wrote up a sale post and put it out there on Facebook that night, sitting in the Keys, thinking well, if we are going to do this, let's do this!

And, if by fate and timing, almost as soon as I posted the sale, I got several interested people and one family in particular that was also part of the Fulltime Families group and super interested. We communicated over several days and by the end of that week we were making plans for them to come and see it. It was all falling into place! They visited, camped outside next to us in their tent, we caught bugs with them and explored the teeming life in the garden, and hungout under a full moon at the beach. It was beautiful and they had big plans to keep the Eco Womb going as a Biodiversity Bus doing Bioblitz's across the country, taking inverntory of all the organisms in a particular habitat in a 24 hour period, cataloging species with a team of community scientists. Check out their new website at Biodiversity Schematics for more info and to follow along on their new journey! So, knowing our first home on wheels would be out there continuing to make a difference and protect our environment for all to enjoy was just what we needed to let her go. And, so we did.

Another week went by and we were heading to the Keys again to pick up our new rig, coming back and making a major move within two short days, and then driving the original Eco Womb to the wrap place to have her stripped down so that they could paint her for her new adventures to be had. It went crazy fast, and was super emotional, and I wouldn't have had time to Blog about it when it was happening anyway. With a family of empaths and super sensitive souls, it was enough for me to just handle everyone's needs during such a big transition. Funny, but of all the places we've been in our travels, moving into our new home on wheels after being in our original one for five years, was the hardest change of scenery that we've experienced.

Slowly, though, as we took to "making home" in our new digs, and having loads of emotions, it was actually our youngest baby boy that made the most profound observation. When picking up the RV after having the wrap stripped, and driving her to her new owners, he said, "Daddy drive RV to people, we follow." And, I nodded yes. It was the first time he ever called our home a RV!!! He has always called it the Eco Womb. And, it was then the tears that just wouldn't break in my Mama eyes cleared. He knew the Eco Womb was not inside those walls on wheels, but in our family, in what made up that home. In the love and light that we spread and will continue to spread. It is us, our expression of home. An eco-safe place to raise our babies in connection with Mama Earth and our rhythm with the natural world. And, now after an exhausting few weeks, we breathe in the new and start planning the next part of our journey. Oh we are super excited!

The new Tour Bus is getting a new wrap! We are prepping for our first event, getting ready for big travel days ahead as we start our trek north and west again, and truly making our home the new and approved Eco Womb. We have bunks and tables and desks to build. We have solar and a veggie conversion to add. And, it's a lot and exciting all at the same time. Looking forward to our first event and big Earth Day launch on April 23, 2016 at the Florida Earth Festival, and ready to hit the road again after a long winter break. Will post more pics soon of our new tiny sustainable home on wheels, and couldn't be more excited for the adventures ahead. 2016 Tour here we come!

Angela Malson
UPDATE: The Eco Womb Tour Bus is SOLD!!!!!!! ******* Eco Womb 2016 Tour expanding into a new (to us) rig!!

We have been contemplating this over the past year, mainly since our 15 year old grew taller than his Mama, haha, and we have expanded our Educational Programs and games for events and need a whole lot more storage space for materials. We even thought this may happen last winter, but then with the engine rebuild in January 2015, we delayed things so we could have her running in tip top shape. Plus, after investing $10,000 into building out a brand new engine, we weren’t sure we wanted to let go of her newfound rocket booster power, lol. But, alas, the time has come, our family and non-profit needs are growing, and we are looking to sell the Eco Womb Tour Bus. Note: We are NOT stopping the Eco Womb Tour, just expanding the Eco Womb Tour Bus a wee bit by getting a slightly larger bus. Note also: Our plan is to make this transition happen by our 2016 Tour launch date in April of this year, or we will not be transitioning until after this year’s Tour. We are manifesting hard, though, because after 5 years of service and dedication to “Connecting Families, Creating Change” we know it's time.

Many have wondered how we have made it this far with six people in 256 sq. ft. And, honestly, I think we have surprised ourselves. But, we really don’t even think about it and when 256 sq. ft. has been our reality for the past five years, well, it just is and we couldn’t think of another home to call home. When we had our newest family addition, our sweet sweet baby boy, we were asked if we needed more space, but not really because he doesn’t take up that much more room and we cosleep and never really got any baby gear to contend with. So, it isn’t really that we have a new little one now, but more so that we have a big one, two boys really getting bigger by the day. And, the older kids’ bunk space could use some more elbow room. Plus, we need extra storage space for all of our new Educational Program materials and Sponsor samples. We certainly have been happy and content and grateful for our tiny home that has taken us all over the country, educating and exploring over the past 5 years, we are just looking to move into a wee bit bigger bus.

Selling the Eco Womb Tour Bus got me thinking of all the memories and adventures she has taken us on, how sad I would be to let her go, and how she is us and we are her completely. But, note again that we are NOT stopping the Eco Womb Tour, we are actually going to expand it by having more room. We have envisioned getting a new (to us) rig, still older, just a few more feet of living space. I mean really adding maybe another 100 sq. ft. to our home is not really a whole lot to most people, but oh my word, would be huge to our family. Yes, that’s right, we are looking to upgrade to maybe 350 square feet (I know, gasp!), and still live simply and sustainably, just growing with the needs of our family. And, while looking to sell and transition into a different rig, we thought long and hard about the Eco Womb going to another family on the road giving back or sharing the love, doing some type of activist or education work, creating socially conscious change, and/or simply sharing the love and peace on the road by living fully and fully living. Before any sale, the Eco Womb would be stripped of her current wrap and rewrapped for future use, mainly to hold sacred our Eco Womb journey, to pass along the wrap to a new rig, and to rebrand her for whatever someone can dream up!

And, just as the universe always leads us to where we are supposed to be when we are supposed to be there, we actually found a new (older, but new to us) rig without even really looking. And, coincidentally, at about the same time as finding this rig, a family found us that wanted to buy the Eco Womb and travel and teach about sustainable living, as well. Actually a couple of potential families and friends have surfaced in the past six months of us pondering this big transition. We have always dreamed up a fleet of sustainable homes on wheels, and a Conscious Caravan of families expanding the community to teach together and share the love. So, the serendipitous nature of everything lining up at about the same time moved us to begin taking the steps to make it all happen. We have been busy busy busy behind the scenes, and had hoped to have a giant surprise to announce in the New Year. But, as the universe also twists and turns, and we are constantly reminded to lean into trust as the path is unfolding, none of the potential buyers worked out right now. Soooooooo… we are now opening up the sale of the Eco Womb Tour Bus to the public!!!

We will still be the Eco Womb Tour. We will be wrapping a new bus, and continuing to Tour the country with new space to host our events. We plan on stripping down the Eco Womb wrap as it is now and when she transitions over to a new family or person or group, they will provide her with a new wrap, or no wrap at all. But, we actually want to offer design services, as well, for someone else to envision their own wrap. With a resident designer as our Eco Womb Papa Bear, and the specs on layout already done, we could help you come up with a wrap that serves your new journey!

If you have been looking for a sustainably retrofitted off-grid tiny home on wheels, or know of someone looking for a rig like this, please contact us and let’s chat. Below is a list of all of her awesome features, as well as some pics of the interior and exterior. She has definitely been lived in and loved on for five years with our growing family, so she shows some wear, and we have retrofitted her specifically to meet our family's needs (with three bunks, bench seating, etc). But, all of those features could be changed back to the original design, or taken out so you could come up with your own awesome living space. If you are ready to be the next person or/ family to give her some love, and keep her ability to share the love alive, then please contact us. A new engine with only 6000 miles on it, complete solar off-grid capabilities, custom waste vegetable oil conversion, and your own wrap design make this a great deal! If you or someone you know is interested, please reach out to us at love@ecowomb.com 

The Eco Womb Tour Bus- For Sale $25,000 (including new wrap design, obo/without new wrap)

  • 1994 Fleetwood Flair (repurposed older model RV, no off-gassing)
  • 32' long, 8’ wide, 256 sq. ft.
  • Diesel Pusher (engine is located in the rear, under the bed)
  • GMC 6.5 liter V8 Engine, complete engine rebuild in January 2015, only 6000 miles on new engine ($10,000 total engine upgrade)
  • New starter battery (January 2015)
  • Veggie Oil Conversion - Golden Fuel Systems Custom Installation
  • 90 gallon veggie oil tank and 18 gallon biodiesel /diesel tank
  • On-board fuel gathering and filtration system - grease (WVO) passes through a pre-filter, and three 10 micron filters  
  • Roof-top solar panels (400watts) by Advanced Energy Systems provide power to 4 house batteries, new inverter and charge controller installed January 2014 ($2000 total solar upgrade)
  • Eco-friendly bus wrap printed with water-based inks by Geek Wraps (option for custom wrap to be designed by Letterbox Studios, who has original template from Eco Womb wrap)
  • Bamboo flooring and Cork flooring by Build it Naturally
  • No-VOC paints used in interior
  • Paperstone (compressed recycled paper) countertop from Maine Green Building Supply
  • Reclaimed hand built wood dining table (organic coffee stained and No-VOC finished) and bench seating
  • Kitchen composting system
  • Berkey Water Filtration System
  • Bottle Brick Zero Waste System
  • 3 burner gas stove with oven
  • 6 cubic sq. ft fridge/freezer
  • Full size Pantry cabinet in kitchen
  • 2 sky lights which provide a lot of natural sunlight inside
  • Deco-pas hand painted concrete bathroom counter, shower, and floor done by Eco Simplista
  • new toilet (January 2016)
  • Hand-built wooden bunk beds (3 total bunks over full size bed in back bedroom - currently sleeps 6)
  • Organic cotton and wool mattresses from Cotton Cloud
  • extra rooftop storage compartment
  • Loads of Love, Peace, and Veggie Grease and general good vibes and love from our family over the past five years!!!!!

For more photos, see past Blog posts below, and to see the Eco Womb set up at events and in action, see our Gallery.

If you are interested, please leave a comment, and/or contact us at love@ecowomb.com. We are currently in South Florida for the winter, traveling a bit throughout Florida in February 2016, and would love to meet up so you can see the Eco Womb Tour Bus in person.

Angela Malson
Our 5 Year Nomadiversary!!!!!

Five years ago this month, in January of 2011, we were packing up and saying goodbye to our 1900 sq. ft. typical suburban South FL home taking a leap into the unknown to travel full-time in a 256 sq. ft. RV we called the Eco Womb to live simply and simply follow the wind. We didn’t know anyone else who was full-time on the road, didn’t know a whole community even existed of nomadic families, and certainly didn’t know how our lives would unfold into a nationwide Tour and family-run non-profit. We just knew we were meant to hit the road. It felt like a calling, a crazy one at that, but a calling that we couldn’t ignore, to live outside the box in our box on wheels, to explore the country we had only been just reading about to our kids in books, and to make a life by living as fully as we could. We could have never imagined all the beautiful people we would meet, all the amazing places we would see, and all the conscious connections we would make in this vast time of change, community and awakening.

We had read about the Live Lightly Tour and the Janssen family’s travels, and as soon as their rig went up for sale, I told my husband that we HAD to buy that RV. We had a mortgage and he had a corporate 9-5 job and it all seemed crazy. Yet, it was such a calling that we couldn’t ignore, and the more we talked and the more we worked to make it happen, the more everything fell into place. Within four months, a couple side jobs, and a whole lot of work and heart, we had bought the Live Lightly. Another eight months later and all happening within a month of each other, we sold our house, hubby got permission from his current employer at the time to work remotely on the road, and we rewrapped the bus into the Eco womb, launched a tour, and moved into our home on wheels full-time. Yes, it seemed crazy to everyone we knew at the time, but it felt so very right to us.

We started off taking our small family business selling eco-friendly products to festivals and family events, and grew to love connecting with people so much that we turned our focus to education and expanded our Tour to include education programs that taught about sustainable living, alternative fuels, solar energy, zero waste, getting out and hiking with your family, eco-safe ways to create a nurturing home, and eating healthy, organic Non-GMO foods for our kids for our future. We changed our eco-friendly small business into a family-run non-profit and hubby let go of his corporate tied job to venture out on his own and start his own web design studio. Between the two we have been able to sustain ourselves, provide for our basic family needs, and live a life of travel.

It hasn’t at all been easy, and there have been a lot of bumps in the road and hard times along the way, but it’s been a beautiful adventure that we wouldn’t trade for the world! Those paths that diverged led us to amazing connections and brought us to the true understanding that it’s not the destination but the journey. Five years of journeying, and growing, and exploring, and adventuring that we are so grateful for on so many levels. Our family has grown closer, our non-profit has expanded, and we have roadschooled right along with our kids, learning about life and love and this amazing planet we get to call home. We’ve been to a total of 40 states so far, numerous national and state parks, coast to coast twice now, and from mountains to sea numerous times. We have hiked and biked countless trails, and have stayed on farms, on mountains, deep in the forest, surrounded by redwoods, in the vast desert, riverside, in quaint neighborhoods, in several feet of snow, off-grid and at busy campgrounds, on city street corners, and at the ocean’s edge. We even have spent months at a time with just our rig and our bikes and have learned to live without a car as we journeyed across the country. We have driven the Eco Womb through LA traffic to get to our national TV spot, up and over steep mountain elevations to get to hidden campgrounds and amazing hikes, and along the beach, because it's by far our favorite.

We had our precious baby, our fourth kiddo, on an alpaca farm parked in a pasture in the Eco Womb with our tipi set up beside us... our first home birth, our first road birth, our first Eco Womb birth! Seriously amazing. We have not only added a child to our fam in the past five years, but we also adopted a shelter puppy, and have expanded our family love by the dozen. We have traveled with our Village on wheels, a community of friends dubbed road family on the road, and have been able to tap into and discover beautiful conscious communities all over the country. The love tribe exists you guys, it really does! And, the more we are open to it the more it presents itself. We have shared meals, bartered services, worked for friends and food, and slowly over five years been able to build a business (Eco Womb Papa Bear’s Design Firm - Letterbox Studios) and our family non-profit, Eco Womb just enough to meet our needs and support our work on the road. It’s sometimes been a struggle, because the juggle between work and life and maintaining enough is certainly real, but life is beautiful in all of it’s stages and especially the light that comes out of the messy and difficult. 

We have stayed true to our calling and have been able to live sustainably, go zero waste as a family, run on waste vegetable oil for fuel this whole time, use solar, hike and bike across the country, and support sustainable farms and businesses by only eating organic and Non-GMO. Our biggest expense is actually food, but we look at it as preventative health care and trust that we can thrive based on our food and lifestyle choices. Also, by lowering our living expenses and using alternative fuel to travel, we can opt to spend more on food and natural remedies that otherwise might have to be balanced by other budgetary needs. Running a non-profit on the road, we have taught elementary aged kids about recycling, college kids about alternative fuels, and all ages about how to take that one more step toward living sustainably. Because it really is about one step at a time. We didn’t start out this way, and it took us years to get to this point and we are still growing and trying to do better with each day. That’s why we love what we do, we get to connect with families and create change by being true to our values, looking at what we can do better to help our environment, ourselves, and our future, and share those steps with other families yearning to do the same.

Along the way, we have toured with some pretty amazing people and have marched against food injustices and corporate control and for safe food and protecting an organic future for our children. We have done over 75 events nationwide, and worked in several states on GMO labeling education, and the right to know what is in our foods. We have marched in

MOMS Across America

Fourth of July parades, March Against Monsanto marches, March for Food Freedom on World Food Day, the

Oregon Right to Know Tour

, and the original Right2Know Tour from NYC to Washington, DC back in 2011. We have also drummed for healing cancer with

Drum Strong

, supported the Big Latch On breastfeeding event with

Hike it Baby

, set up film screenings of


, and participated in National Hike Days to get families out into nature with their kiddos.

Wrapping up five years has taken me awhile to get to this month because we have been as busy as ever behind the scenes, preparing for a big “BE the Change” Tour this year, building up Papa Bear’s business, fundraising, and a big transition for our family (soon to be revealed). We officially celebrated 5 years on the road on January 15, 2016, and we have been easing in to what this next five years will be. Going through old photos alone could take me another year, hahaha! And, recounting soooooooooo many memories and places and events, well, it’s a lot, and too many to write here. But, oh has it made my heart swell with joy to know how full we are in heart, home, and community. Because when we left for a life on the road we weren’t sure if that meant we were leaving these things behind. We seriously just felt a calling and took a huge leap of faith into the unknown. What we discovered is that all of those things (and more) are within us always. Our journey to discover our calling, connecting with families to create change, and live a life of freedom and growth, we found while on the road. We found community all over and now have friends we consider family across the country, our home is wherever we park it, and our hearts are forever expanded because of the conscious connections we have made and awakening that has taken place within our bodies, minds, and souls. We are healthier physically, heart-filled emotionally, and have grown leaps and bounds spiritually as we have journeyed across the miles and into the depths of our calling. We have strengthened our marriage, our family bonds, and our outlook on a mindful family rhythm. We try to live as intentionally as possible, and when we have those rough days we have learned that many times it is just our perspective.

We love our life on the road and when we have been asked for our next five year plan, we are confident in saying the path will reveal itself. Because one thing we have definitely learned in the past five years is that the universe will lead the way, and we must lean into trust always. As a family, we plan on visiting the last eight remaining states on our map of the lower 48 this year, and then maybe venture to Alaska and Hawaii next year to complete our Tour of all 50 states. After that who knows?!?! We have talked about international travel, heading to Mexico and Central and South America. Seriously, the kids love their well worn world atlas and have huge dreams that we support wholeheartedly. We have also talked about down the road building a tree house, an earth ship, a homestead, an animal rescue sanctuary, or continuing to see the world. Like I said, the path will reveal itself in good time. And, we will follow our hearts always as a family. Until then, we will enjoy the here and now, and try our best to breathe in the moments and love up the experiences. Much, much peace and love to all who have made these past five years the absolute best, our Sponsors, supporters, and friends and family. Those who have supported us and encouraged us and believed in us when others did not. You are a part of this sacred journey we are all on and you are loved. Here’s to the next five years and the next after that, a flow of conscious living, a uniting of the world village, support for a sustainable future, reconnecting with nature, and love, always love. Because at the root of it all is love, and at the brink of hope for a brighter future is love. So, go out and live fully, follow your passions, see the world, connect with your tribe, and love it up!

Angela Malson
Help us launch our 5 Year "BE the Change" Tour!

The Eco Womb Tour "fueled by love, peace and veggie grease" launched 5 years ago in November 2010 in South Florida. We have been from coast to coast, in 40 states so far, and have done over 75 events nationwide teaching on simple and sustainable living, alternative fuels, solar energy, going zero waste, getting outside and hiking with your family, and the importance of eating organic, Non-GMO foods for our kids for our future! We teach workshops and eco-education at schools and colleges, host movie screenings, participate in festivals and green fairs, walk in marches and parades spreading GMO awareness, and have toured in several states working on GMO labeling. We are passionate about living healthy for our kids and our planet and do all of our events with our children. We live, work, and breathe our message everyday, because we live and travel full-time in the Eco Womb Tour Bus with our family of six. We connect with families and create change because we speak our truth, only sharing what products and resources we use as a family, and how our story of chemical sensitivity and toxic overload have led us down the path of awareness and activism to stand up for a safer food system, social justice rights, and a healthier environment. We enjoy the outdoors with our kids because the fresh air and clean water and safe soils that we support daily are in essence what continues to support our beautiful journey here on earth. We are all one and dependent on one love for all.

It is not just a fad to eat organic, it is a necessity for our health and the health of our planet. And, our kids have healed on a better diet and with safer products used in our home. We also know that not everyone has access to safe, healthy foods, and as a family that left corporate America behind (and the steady paycheck with it) to hit the road and share this message, we know how hard it is to provide all organic and toxic-free foods and products for our family on a very limited income. The struggle is real and we get it. But, we see our food budget as preventative healthcare and know the value is worth it. We strive to support local foods as we travel and companies that are organic and Non-GMO verified, as well as companies that support sustainable living, alternative fuels, and renewable energy. By supporting these companies and farmers we are voting with our forks and dollars and striving to make change along the way.

We also connect with families on how to be more active, hike and bike with their children, and the steps they can take to recycle, live more simply and choose more sustainable products and activities. We connect well because these are all things we do daily with our own kids, and we show how to take small steps to make big change.

But, we can’t do all that we do without your support. Eco Womb is a 501(c)3 family-run non-profit and exclusively depends on donations from the general public, Non-Profits, Foundations, and Socially Responsible Corporations to fund all of our Educational Programs and Events as we travel. For the past 5 years now we have supported our non-profit mainly from our own pockets, through the income that is generated by Eco Womb Papa Bear’s design company, Letterbox Studios. We have had one main Sponsor for the past three years, thank you thank you thank you Dr. Bronners!!! And, a couple extra smaller Sponsors that came on board this past year to help us rebuild the engine on the Eco Womb Tour Bus so that we could stay on the road. Thank you Earth Mama Angel Baby and Modern Tribe! But, we mainly work for free and give our time and energy because we love it and it is our passion. We have been funding Eco Womb and all of our Educational Programs on a very limited budget on an average of $6,000 a year (yes, that's it!!!!!). We are sharing that here and putting it all out there because we want to do better and give back more.

We also know that to give more and keep going at the pace we are going, we need to fund our initiatives and make Eco Womb a financially sustainable non-profit. Imagine what we could do if we doubled (or tripled) our budget to a working, sustainable non-profit, impacting a greater number of families and expanding our reach even further. So, we are seeking your support. If you know of a socially responsible company or organization that would like to partner with us as a Sponsor, please send them our way. If you are a small family business that wants to barter with us to spread your handmade or eco-conscious goods, please send us a message. And, if you have been impacted in any way by our Education Programs, events, or outreach, or, if you would like for us to come your way for an event in your hometown, please consider a personal donation. We don’t fundraise as often as we should, so any and all support is greatly appreciated. And, as a token of our love and appreciation, anyone who donates $10.00 or more by February 15th will receive an Eco Womb sticker, and a handwritten #sharetheloveandpeace message.

We are hoping to raise $15,000 to launch our 5 Year BE the Change Tour by April, 15 2016. If just 1500 of our supporters would donate $10.00 we would make our goal and be able to continue spreading awareness and education, and share the peace and love along the way. We want to make this next year’s Tour the best yet and hope that you will hop aboard to help share the light. Because it isn’t just our family-run non-profit out here standing up and speaking out, it is ALL of us together making change! And, when we join forces as a collective voice, we are so much stronger and more efficient. Help us spread the love, donate $10.00 (or more, or less) today! Whatever you can! We appreciate and love you all! Sending so much peace and love out to each and everyone of you!

If you would like to donate to the Eco Womb Tour and help us continue our education on the road, please visit our Donate page and click on our PayPal Donate Button. All donations are secure and private, and as a 501(c)3 non-profit, all donations are tax-deductible under federal law. 

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Angela Malson
From Womb to Eco Womb

2 years ago tonight I was making some hot tea, putting my feet up after a long day out buying towels and a car seat, and planning a weekend full of nesting around the farm that we had landed at just five days prior. We had just met my midwives from Three Sisters Midwifery that would be attending my birth, just put up our tipi that I wanted to birth in, finally got our hot water heater to work, and was breathing in all that had transpired to bring our journey here. In less than a week we had arrived in this space, set up camp, bought a van to get around (after selling our volkswagon bug, Violet, and going without a car for awhile), found a local consignment shop to get a few items of clothes for our sweet baby, set up our tipi and birth tub in the tipi, and was just beginning to feel out our nesting grounds. We had our first home visit from the midwives, and actually received a call from Jai that night just to check on me while we were out shopping for a car seat. I told her I felt good and that I would be setting up my birth space this weekend and would be in touch. Little did I know I would be going into labor that very night.

It was a full moon, so I should have known you might make your entrance sweet baby, and as we loaded up to go get your car seat and some towels for our home birth, I did feel a pretty strong surge that stopped me in my tracks. So, yes, should have known. Being my fourth baby, I just knew you were ready, I kept saying to my hubby that you were coming soon, I could feel you making your way. But, I had asked ever so politely if you could just wait until I set everything up, a sacred birth space in the tipi, car seat all ready in the van just in case, to spend a few more family circle times with the kids in case they had any more questions or needs, and a few days of rest and mentally preparing myself since we had been so busy traveling and getting here.

I went to bed about midnight on Friday night, October 18, 2013, and woke about 2am, October 19, 2013, to a pretty strong surge that would then continue every few minutes. I tapped my hubby on the arm to wake him and said "I think it's time." Not really being ready, but knowing that babies come when they are ready, it was the full moon and all, and our little man must have known that we already had all that he needed within. I got up and started swaying with each surge, letting go and leaning in. Trying to tell myself I was ready, even if not one cloth diaper had been washed because we hadn't got our washer yet, and my birth space wasn't set up yet, and we still needed to grocery shop! All the while listening to his whispers that none of that mattered. That all he needed was my portal to birth him earth side, my breasts to nourish him to life, and my love, our love as a family, by his side. My sweet baby boy you have taught us so much about letting go and loving hard. Thank you for choosing us. 

From womb to Eco Womb you came in with such a beam of light. I went into labor under the full moon and you were born at high noon, ten hours of back labor because of your posterior position. And, as soon as I let go of all the things in my head that had to be for your birth, and any silly reasons why I had not helped you get into the 'right' position or prepared our space properly, and truly just trusted my body and your timing and the way you wanted to come earthside, well, then you turned your sweet head and slipped right out.

Daddy had been running around all night and morning with a headlamp on his head and a hose and boiling pots in his hands, trying to get the water temperature up in the tub in the tipi, but in the middle of the night in October in Oregon, it was cold, and so it took a bit! When it finally did get warm enough it was close to noon and I was in transition and just knew I couldn’t make it all the way out there. But the warmth of the sun glow inside our cozy tiny home felt just right, and I finally gave in to the comfort of our couch, hearing you whisper to me that you wanted to be born there, in the Eco Womb. I labored to my hypnobirthing cd for hours (I remember asking for someone to turn that lady up, ha, she calmed me), in the shower as the kids went by saying "hi mom," holding onto the walls and then our two front seats as guideposts just as they have served us on the road. I tried my birth ball, but no, that didn’t feel good. I constantly focused on my birth alter that I makeshift set up in the wee hours of that morning when I realized this was it, a candle, my salt lamp, affirmation cards, and some crystals. And, my hubby or midwives giving me pressure on my lower back was needed the whole time.

Back labor is no joke and if you have never experienced it and you're on your fourth baby it comes as quite the surprise. I kept thinking this would be a four hour labor, so when we had already hit eight and you weren’t going down, I got tired. I had not been internally checked this whole time either and I kept thinking I was there at any moment, that you were coming out each moment for hours. Then, being the empath that I am, I felt bad that I had my hubby call the midwives so early in the morning and it was taking so long. So, when my sweet midwives asked at one point if it would help to know, I agreed, and appreciated they were so hands off, only stepping in when I agreed on help. I was only 6cm when they checked and I think I literally just exhaled and laid down out of exhaustion. I hadn’t really slept, had a very busy day out the day before, and I thought I was much further along. They explained that a posterior baby sometimes takes longer, and that the constant pressure from your head was making me feel as if you were coming out for hours on end. So, I allowed myself to rest for a few minutes, I laid down on my left side, I took lots of deep breaths, and truly let go. Let go of the fact I had nothing “ready” whatever that means. Let go of the fact that I had not mentally been prepared for that day. Let go of the fact it was taking longer than I expected. Let go of what I thought should be and allowed the moments to happen as they were.

My mind shifted, I could feel it, and it was if the sad and anxious and worry released into the air, because just at that moment, one of my midwives held my hand and I swear she could feel it, too. Kristy said she had a song she would like to share if it was ok with me. Goodness, how I appreciated the care they took in asking me what I wanted rather than telling me what was happening. Of course, I said, a song would be beautiful. And she preceded to sing this song of opening - "We are opening up in sweet surrender to the luminous love light of the one. We are opening, we are opening, we are opening, we are opening!"

I cried and felt lighter and just knew I could do this. That you were ready sweet baby boy and that is all that mattered, that I had nurtured you up to this point and that I was already everything you needed. So, after this bout of rest and shifting, I felt a really strong surge that got me back up on my knees, and then sitting, on my side, and back and forth. I got word that the water in the tipi was ready, but at this point I heard you whisper to stay, and I really didn’t want to walk outside right then. The tipi was set up literally right behind our home, but I didn’t think I would make it. I guess I intuitively knew you were ready right then. I reclined at one point because I could feel you shifting your little body inside, turning your head facing down instead of up, releasing all sorts of pressure on my back. I could even see you shift, literally my belly twisting and moving with your every move. It was surreal and beautiful and amazing all in one, and then I knew you were ready, we were ready. And, I told you to come to my arms, that I would help you transition, that we had this, together. 

With Daddy and your sister by my side, rubbing my shoulder and loving on me, your brothers just outside and coming in right when you came out, and my three midwives holding space for me, Jai watching over me, Rhionne making sure you were good, and Kristy holding a sacred circle for us all, I knew it was time. A bit of Mama roaring and moving and turning, and I could feel you coming out. With all I had I pushed when my body told me to push, and breathed when it told me to breathe. "Reach down, your baby’s here," I heard one of my midwives say. And, I did, and felt your little head and then your shoulders and pulled you up to my chest. All it took was letting go, all it took was trusting myself and truly listening to my body and my baby. And, in that moment, I was a Mama all over again.

You exhaled a cry almost immediately, and I pulled you right to my chest. Instinctively, I held you to my breast to nurse and latched you on as if we had been doing this dance forever. You quieted down and knew your transition was safe. You smelled Mama’s milk waiting for you. You looked up into my eyes. All these months of growing you inside and there you were meeting eye to eye. We were in love. Surrounded by the kids and Daddy, there you were, a part of our family, as if you had always been in the wings waiting for your entrance. I held you a long time in my arms, taking you all in, checking your tiny fingers and toes and belly and ears. We then checked and yup, you were all boy. We wanted to sing you happy birthday, and then our girl reminded us of a sweet natural rendition of a “hush little baby” book that we had been singing to you in my belly, and so she ran to get it and we all sang that to you. You seemed to love it and take us all in, all those voices you kept hearing now in front of you. Your family circled around you, in our home, born on the couch you were conceived on. I seriously couldn’t be happier. I didn’t have to go anywhere or worry about anyone else. I was home. You were home. From womb to Eco Womb, we did it! Our first homebirth, our first roadbirth, our first Eco Womb birth. And thank you sweet midwife for grabbing my phone to capture these moments right after birth! Considering I didn't have time to line up a birth photographer, and carried some disappointment with that, I am forever grateful for your captures and that I do have pictures from that day because of you.

I think it wasn’t until almost 50 minutes later that the midwives asked if I felt any other surges. Oh goodness, my placenta! So I sat up and then stood just a bit off the couch and out it came without much of a thought. And there you nursed some more with the placenta right next to us, your nourishment up until now. We sat some more, the midwives showing the kids the sac that you stayed cozy in and how the placenta resembled the tree of life. Eventually, when your cord was long done pulsating and I was ready to release it, Daddy held you skin to skin while your big brother, our middle boy volunteered to cut the cord. It was magical for us all, everyone a part. I held you some more kissing you and breathing you in. I glanced up and my midwives were doing dishes and cleaning up, seriously these amazing women. How did I ever birth before without a birth team? I’ve had a midwife in a hospital, but this. Oh my this was so different. They were doing my dishes (I am sure from last night’s dinner)! And, caring for me and our new baby boy, and the entire family. Everyone needs a midwife. 

Eventually, after all the cuddles and baby weigh and Daddy making everyone lunch, I was ready to rest. So, they tucked me into my bed, as I lay you right next to me, curled up just as you were inside, heart to heart again. And, I couldn’t have felt more at peace, knowing I was right where I needed to be. The midwives said their goodbyes, and that they would see me tomorrow. Daddy man, who had been amazing all night and all day, and was probably just as exhausted but running on adrenaline, came in close to kiss me and you, our sweet new baby boy, and it all felt so normal, as if we had been doing this forever, just waiting for you to join us here on earth. He whispered to me that he needed to run to the grocery store (oh reality, we had no groceries, ha!), and asked if I was ok in bed with you. I answered that it was like we had been here curled up together all along and that I couldn’t feel more safe and secure and cozy and loved. And, oh my, our bed felt divine at that point. The boys stayed with me in case I needed anything, and he took our girl with him, super excited to go tell the world that she just got a baby brother! I dozed off with you at my breast, so serene, so comfortable, in total baby bliss. 

I had been worried about not having a washer, not having groceries stocked, not being ready, yet, you needed nothing but me. How silly of me to think you needed more. You stayed skin to skin for the first week anyway and didn't need clothes, you stayed warm against my chest as you brought my milk to the surface for your nourishment and comfort, and we had everything we needed at home, together as a family. We found a washer/dryer pair off of Craigslist that we got a couple days after you were born and started washing everything then. We had a naming ceremony in the tipi when you were five days old and spent a lot of time in there as sacred family space, nursing, drumming, bonding, and just being. And, when you were about two weeks old and we had a warm sunny fall day, we took a beautiful herbal bath in the birth tub in the tipi and that helped heal my vision of birthing there.

Because, no matter what your vision of birth, it always plays out the way it is supposed to. Sometimes it adjusts to the needs of the day or the baby or your family, and sometimes it’s so completely different than what was envisioned. But, baby knows. And your trip earthside sweet star seed was exactly as it was because you went from womb to Eco Womb for our very first home birth and road birth. After being induced with my first, fighting that with my second and allowing him to come in his own timing, and then standing up for a completely natural birth with my third, this fourth birth at home was exactly what we all needed, calm, comforting, supported, and beautifully family focused. Thank you my love for guiding us down this road, for speaking clearly that you wanted to be born on the same couch that you were formed, for the stars aligning to bring together my birth team at the very last minute, for us landing on a farm that welcomed such a unique birth, and for being the first baby born on native sacred land in decades. You taught us (and still remind us daily) to let go and trust the path, to BE in the moments without rush or worry of how it should have been, and for loving hard with all you got! Leo Jace, sign of the sun and Native American for moon, you are our full moon sunshine baby, always smiling, always loving. Thank you for gifting us with your sweet soul, and thank you for such a beautiful journey. Happy Birth Day precious spirit!

Angela Malson
Onya Baby **GIVEAWAY**

In celebration of

International Babywearing Week

, we have been sharing pics all week on social media of us wearing our little man. At 23 months we still wear him everyday, as we have done with all of our kiddos for the past 15 years, to nurture, nourish, exercise, work, and take care of our other children, while still being close in arms. Baby wearing is truly an intricate part of our daily life, and because we want to continue to share the baby wearing love, we are super excited to announce that we are doing a **GIVEAWAY** for a

NextStep Onya Baby carrier


Made from 100% recycled materials by a truly sustainable and family-run company that continues to give back, the

Nextstep Onya Baby

is super durable, comfortable and easy to get on and off, our three main needs in a carrier. We can shop, clean dishes, work an event, or do an all day hike with our toddler in the

Onya Baby

. He stays close, breastfeeds when needed, and especially as a toddler, it is a safe place when the world gets too busy, or those trails get too steep or long. It’s also useful to help in parenting the wild of a toddler when a simple scoop up in the carrier finds calm every time. The

Onya Baby

is so supportive and soft it has truly been our go-to lately, and this Mama can tell the difference in my lower back and hips when I’m carrying him without. So, thank you for saving my alignment

Onya Baby

! Big gratitudes for partnering with such an amazing company to continue to share the baby wearing love!

To enter the **GIVEAWAY** all you need to do is like both

Eco Womb


Onya Baby

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Eco Womb


Onya Baby

on Instagram (or, both!!), comment here that you did, and tag a babywearing friend. That’s it! For additional entries you can tag as many friends as you like (each tag counts as an entry), and/or share this post on social media and be sure to tag #ecowombgiveaway. Giveaway will be open until Friday, October 16th, and winner will be announced on Saturday, October 17th.


International Babywearing Week

because we baby wear every day, and well, why not continue to share the love! Good luck everyone!

Why We Keep Marching...

This sign and the super sweet little girl holding it has been marching alongside us in protest of GMOs and big-chemical-claiming-to-be-seed-company-giants like Monsanto 😷 for the past 4 years.

We started marching as a family in the original Right2Know March in 2011 from NYC to Washington, DC, and haven't stopped since, traveling the country educating on GMO awareness because we believe everyone has a right to real and safe food, and that our soil, water, air, environment, and health depend on it!

Just wrapped marching in downtown San Diego's March Against Monsanto, alongside other activists, concerned citizens, and families just like us in 421 cities in 48 other countries. And, the Moms Across America Huntington Beach July 4th Parade alongside other families marching in parades across the country, all standing up and speaking out for food freedom! Because every voice makes a difference and change IS happening! ✌️🐝💪🌿👍

But, I did contemplate long and hard before these two marches this year over the fact that they were… another march. A march against Monsanto, a march for safe food, a march together as a family. After 4 years of marching we know how important this is. But, really, when is it going to be enough? When will Monsanto and government finally wake up and be shaken up by the people enough to change? A part of me wanted to cry because it feels like it is taking too long, too much damage has already been done, that they will always have more money to defeat the people. And, another part of me wanted to cry because of how damn proud I am of these kiddos!!! Growing up in a family of activists and learning how to peacefully protest, to stand up for the injustices, to know that their future matters... YES!!! It is making a difference.

And even my sensory sensitive littles (and not so little) get all caught up in the chants and drums and meaning of it all, because they get it, they really really get it, and oh how it makes my Mama heart flutter ❤️😍❤️ Because, this is all I ever wanted for them, to know that their voice counts, that the people united are much more powerful than profit, and that despite the devastation inflicted on the earth and passed down to them, that change can happen and is happening. That every single voice, every single person who stands up and speaks out, that they make a difference. And, collectively, the thousands that rally in protest, and march, and vote with their forks and dollars, year after year, well… we’re only starting to make noise 💪🎉👊📢👍

Angela Malson
Thank you! Thank you!

So thankful to all of our Sponsors who support our work on the road, and grateful these kiddos help share the love with their enthusiasm and energy! We run Eco Womb as a family and for our family, connecting communities and creating change along the way 💙 To see complete list of Sponsors see Sponsor Page



Want to become a sponsor of The Eco Womb Tour? Contact Angela by phone at 561-797-3605 or by email at 


. You can also 

download our Sponsorship Package here



Angela Malson
Festival Baby

Spent the New Moon festival weekend at Butterfly Farms breathing in all the love from our ever expanding road family ❤️ So very grateful for every conscious connection made, working with new friends full on love for all and making change happen, drums around a fire, singing, dancing, being. And, this precious babe. Born on the road into this life of festivals and activism and farm stays and campfires, he just glows with awareness and pure joy. And, to see him grow and jump out of the sling to join his brothers and sister, confident to explore, excited to flow, just fills my Mama heart ❤️ Keeps me busy for sure now, but the full full days are what we love and what keeps us doing what we do. ✌️🚌✨🙏💙🎉


Angela Malson
Where mountain meets sea = Love for the journey

Oh California you had me from when I first saw mountain meet sea 💙🌴🌀 And, when we can land here for a pitstop overnight with Mama Ocean at our door, I'll take it and give thanks to all that is and for the journey unfolding. It hasn't always been easy, but we trust the path and that we will always end up where we are meant to be. So very grateful for the beauty of a coastline that can gift us this experience and for a home on wheels that can get us there.


Angela Malson
The whole world is our backyard!

It was the kids' idea to pick up litter in the park. And, even after filling one large bag each, they wanted to do more. Because it's instinctual to protect the earth. Kids know that. Everywhere we travel is our backyard, so our kids are always picking up trash and trying to clean up what others leave behind. Saddens me there is still so much litter, but warms my Mama heart to know that they care so very much! 😘😘 Oh, how I love them so!


Angela Malson
Earth Day is Everyday!

Earth Day is everyday! 💚🌎💚 And, this day was spent unplugged and in nature, at the park exploring and just being together. Came across this tree and couldn't leave 💙 Seriously the amazing design of Mama Earth's paintbrush. The way everything is so intricate and vast and interconnected. The way we all need each other, every breath dependent on the sustenance of the earth. She sustains us and we sustain her. So let's remember to do our part not just on Earth Day, but everyday. And, in return just check out the abundance of love she gifts us, and the reminder that this kind of power is within us, that it is us. We are the universe, we make up the whole, we breathe in life. And, so so so so very grateful for this existence together. Past and present. Elder tree and sweet spirit daughter. Rooted together by the interconnections of this existence. I am humbled and thankful for all that she gives selflessly, Mama Earth, all one universe, one love for all 💙✨🙏


Angela Malson
Eco Face Paint and other fun games!!!

We've been expanding our educational programs to include more fun games and activities and had SO much fun at San Diego Earth Fair playing bottle brick bowling and recycle swish with all the kiddos 🌏👍💚 This sweet girl even got her own face paint station and was just as thrilled to have her own sign 💙😊 

Be sure to check out all of our photos from the day over on our Event Gallery!


Angela Malson