Change with Your Change


Voting with Your Forks and Dollars

It all seems so overwhelming, huh? Corporate control of our economy, environment, and food supply. Taking steps to "go green" or "eat organic" when you can barely make it from paycheck to paycheck. We know, we have been there. And, it has taken us several thousand little baby steps, and several years of doing it to get to this point of truly living simply and sustainably, using alternative fuels and renewable energy, buying exclusively organic and Non-GMO, and going "zero waste" with our family. And, we are still taking steps. But, the best thing you can do to take those steps is to vote with your forks and your dollars. Yes, politicians are run by corporations and in order to really make change you have to go to the source. Don't get us wrong, voting and becoming involved in the legislative process is helpful. But, when you have corporate-run lobbyists seeding out billions to those who are supposedly running this country and making laws that impact our economy, environment, and our food supply, well, you pretty much have a corporate-run country. By not giving those corporations your money, you are taking huge steps in creating change in how our system is run. For example, Monsanto is a chemical turned seed company who is the number one producer of GMOs in the world and is wreaking havoc on our soil, food, farmers and local economies. The Head of the FDA is the former Vice-President of Monsanto. 80% of the food you buy in your local grocery store is GMO and most likely a result of Monsanto. Stop buying GMOs, stop giving Monsanto money, stop the warped political support of allowing control of our food supply and causing harm to our environment and health. I know this one can get pretty touchy, but support our Voting with your Forks and your Dollars campaign and we will help you connect the dots so you see where your money is going. It does matter. And, you do have choices in how you spend your money. We have not been in a Wal-Mart in eight years, we withdrew all of our money from Bank of America and now use a local bank, and yes, we buy all organic and non-GMO. We do not have a lot of money, but we also do not own a lot of stuff, and everything we buy is thought out and planned. You can become a conscious consumer, too. Let us show you how.