Connecting Families, Creating Change

We have five kiddos of our own, and do all of our events with our kids, so all of our games and education has been with them in mind. The goal is to make being green fun, but also to challenge yourselves to take one more step in being more sustainable. We are constantly learning and growing and becoming more sustainable, ourselves, and see it as a healthy way of life for our kids, our future, and the future of our planet.


Recycle Swish

Help sort the trash in this fun interactive game that gets kids wanting to learn more about going zero waste. A little like basketball, kids throw the recycling in one of three marked bins - paper, compost, bottles/cans… recycle, reduce, reuse is the plan!



Bottle Brick Bowling

Ever have your kids play with trash? Well, here is a game where they can! In our family’s attempt at going zero waste, we started using bottle bricks instead of a trash can. Essentially anything that can’t be recycled or composted, and is truly trash, we stick in a plastic bottle. These bottle bricks can then be used as a free sustainable building material to insulate or create a structure. And, because they are similar to bowling pins, we created a game to make going zero waste fun!


DSC_2062 (1).jpg

Eco Home Fun

Come check out our eco-dollhouse and learn what sustainable features you could add to your own home. Fun for kids to see a mini-version of the real thing and they may just add some solar panels or a compost bucket to their own dollhouse when they get home! Great way to get their imaginations going for a more sustainable future!


Inside the Eco Womb Tour RV

Take a peek into our tiny home on wheels and see how we live in 350 sq ft with five kids, newborn to teen, two parents, and even a dog. See how we incorporated sustainable features into our home and how we use solar to power our needs, and waste vegetable oil for fuel.



Solar Charging Station

We set up a free solar charging station at our events to provide a place for our visitors to charge their phones, tablets or laptops with power from the sun. We have a 1 kilowatt solar system which provides enough solar power to share and on bright sunny event days the solar is overflowing, so why not share a little love from the sun.