Hike for the Climate Initiative


Happy Earth Day everyone! In honor of celebrating and protecting our earth on this day, we are launching a series of challenges to take action! Our first in this series will be our Hike for the Climate Initiative. We live in a world that is already seeing the devastating impacts of climate change and we can no longer think we have time to change things for the better. We MUST do something NOW! So, to help bring awareness, but also to take real action steps that will make a difference on lessening  our dependence on fossil fuels, we will be coordinating family hikes to not just encourage families to get out on trail with their kids of all ages, but to take action to care for our trail system, to become climate scientists and help note changing climate conditions while out hiking, and to pledge to take climate action in their every single day! So, what does that mean?

Commit to climate action over the next month by signing the pledge to:

1. Hike at least once a week, could even be a nature stroll around your neighborhood, and commit to leave it better than you found it. (ex, pick up trash if you see it, clean graffiti off rocks, help tend to plants that may have been trampled by hikers off trail, etc.)

2. Reduce, reuse, and recycle (and be sure to understand what your local county actually recycles!)

3. Say NO to plastic bags!

4. Walk, bike, or use public transportation and/or alternative fuel vehicles whenever possible.

5. Share what you’re doing with others, because when we know better, we do better!

Let us know your commitment by signing our pledge below.

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And, that’s it! For one month, you’ll not only get out into nature more often and connect in to why climate action matters, you’ll take some steps toward lessening your dependence on fossil fuels, and help spread the word!

Post photos of your commitment, tag @ecowomb and #hikefortheclimate and you will be entered to win some amazing prizes!

If you are already doing these things, take another step and say no to all single use plastics, only use alternative fuels or renewable energy, just start from where you are and take one more step toward change. But remember, it’s not perfection we’re seeking it’s just more awareness and dedication to what matters, being mindful of our daily actions, and understanding how it’s all connected. We will be doing this right alongside you, posting ways to help you, and hosting some family climate hikes. And, after we get through a month of action we will be adding to the challenge, because once you take one step and that becomes your norm it’s very easy to take the next step, and the next. It’s the only way toward lasting change, one step at a time. But, with our current climate crisis, we must be taking these steps now, we don’t have time to wait, and we certainly can’t depend on others to do it. Collective action by all will be what sustains lasting change for the future. So, who’s with us? Sign the pledge above.

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