The Non-GMO Family Food Drive

As a part of our Non-GMO Family Awareness Campaign, Eco Womb has launched the Non-GMO Family Food Drive as the first ever Non-GMO food drive to give families in need not just food during the holidays, but healthy, organic and Non-GMO foods. Because EVERYONE has a Right to Know what is in their foods, regardless of social, economic, or geographical background. Look for Non-GMO Family Food Drive displays at your local grocery stores, co-ops and markets across the country. And, if you are interested in hosting a Non-GMO Family Food Drive in your community, please contact us at and we will send you a Food Drive package so that you, too, can give back to someone in need healthy, Non-GMO food this holiday!

More people than ever want to know what is in their food, and families want to avoid GMOs for health and safety reasons. Even with GMO Labeling efforts in several states not passing (CA, WA, CO, OR), and with labeling in Vermont passing but coming up against lawsuits from GMO supporters, there is a swell of interest and education that has recently happened and people want their voices heard over corporate interests. With the Non-GMO Month and World Food Day in October, and the holiday season approaching it's a great time to keep the momentum generated for labeling GMOs and GMO awareness in general going strong. Families all over want safe, healthy food to be easily identifiable and readily accessible. As families gather together during these hard economic times, we want to reach out and show that EVERYONE has a Right to Know what is in their food!

If you are interested in running a Non-GMO Family Food Drive at your neighborhood co-op or market, setting up a display, committing to educate people on GMOs at a selected store for at least two hours, and/or delivering the donated products to a family in need this holiday, then contact us at Or, if you are a business or organization interested in sponsoring this event, please see our sponsorship proposal or contact us at Also, if you are a Non-GMO Verified Company, and you are interested in donating any of your product or matching any donations that are raised, please contact us, we would love to partner with you to make sure that ALL families have access to Non-GMO foods! Thank you!

And, if you don't have a Non-GMO Family Food Drive near you but would still like to donate online to help us provide food to a family in need, then click the donate button below. This is a donation through PayPal which is a secure transaction. You do not need a PayPal account to donate. All funds will be used directly for the Non-GMO Family Food Drive. Thank you!