How Eco Womb was Born


Eco Womb was born out of a desire to share our tried and true efforts at creating an environmentally safe, simple and sustainable lifestyle for our family with others who are seeking the same. By supporting Eco Womb you are supporting an independent family-run non-profit, that enables us to do what is most important, be with our kids while at the same time educating and connecting with other families on living simply and sustainably, all about alternative fuels and renewable energy, how to create an eco-safe home, the importance of GMO awareness and eating healthy and organic, and how to hike and camp and enjoy the great outdoors with kids from newborn to teen.

Originally from Maryland, Vermont, Virginia, South Florida, and Oregon, we now live full-time on the road in the Eco Womb Tour Bus traveling on waste veggie oil, with our five amazing children. With environmental and design backgrounds, we love to collaborate on eco-friendly messages you can wear or share, spend countless hours researching the safety of anything before we bring it into our home, and share the idealistic but real vision of a peaceful and sustainable planet. We are advocates for organic living, Non-GMOs, going zero waste, bottle bricking, attachment parenting, healthy eating, natural healing, cloth diapers, baby wearing, hiking as a family, life learning on the road, saving the polar bears, and finding an alternative to all things toxic. We love to play football at the beach, dance and play music around a campfire, hike mountains, gather under the moon, devour books from around the globe, and constantly attempt to save the world!

We are currently touring the country, connecting communities and creating change through socially and eco-conscious education. Be sure to follow along on our journey and stay in touch, we would love to come visit your community, your school, your tribe! Mama Earth is calling on all of us to join together in this time of transformation, be open to be awakened!