So…what essential oils do we recommend and use?

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After testing out some oils from a trusted friend over 4 years ago, we have had great success with doTERRA essential oils. We started using just a few, got on board with the Family Essentials Kit, and then had some lasting impressions when DigestZen was the only thing that helped a gluten attack, OnGuard kept away the flu, and Melaleuca supported an intense case of staph infection. There were numerous other times when we know looking back that essential oils made a difference in our family’s health, and not just for acute illness, but for emotional support, as well. Oh goodness, the emotional support! It was then that we knew we wanted to share the love of these oils.

Below are a few of the important reasons we have chosen doTERRA essential oils for our family, and honestly what you should look for in the essential oil company that you choose, as well. Because, most importantly, experience the oils yourself! Only you will know what works for you and your family. Become your own expert on your family’s health and wellness journey.


  • Quality of the Oils

  • Indigenous Farming

  • Co-Impact Sourcing

  • Healing Hands Foundation

  • Business Integrity and Culture


There are no regulations for essential oils, but doTERRA’s “Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade” is third party tested by the APRC - The Aromatic Plant Research Center to insure the purity and quality of each oil before being passed on to consumers. Their oils are distilled from plants that have been harvested at the right moment by experienced growers from around the world.

Indigenous Farming

Understanding that native plants are always best for the environment, and thrive best when under the right temperature, precipitation, altitude, and soil compositions, it is one of the main factors that mattered to us when choosing an essential oil company to support. Not only is it better for indigenous plants to grow where they are meant to be, but it helps sustain the environment in that particular region, the habitats of the animals that live there, and it creates the best quality plant, and therefore the greatest potency of the plant medicine.

You can also check every bottle of essential oil to see each specific lot’s testing results, where it was sourced, and more. Check out

Co-Impact Sourcing

Sourcing essential oils from their indigenous regions means working with local farmers and communities from around the world. And, it was essential to our ethics as a family to make sure this process was done with a fair trade commitment to the workers involved. Not only does doTERRA support the farmers they work with by providing fair pay, they seek to develop long-term partnerships by creating sustainable jobs with reliable income. They cut out the middle men to make sure they are working directly with the growers, offer training and encourage cooperatives, and offer higher wages on a predictable schedule so that they are not working under feast or famine conditions. The workers are happier, their communities do better, and the oils are always harvested at the right times and under the right conditions because there is no pressure to harvest early or cut corners for faster pay. Treating people well means a better product, and a better product means supporting more people. It’s a win-win we can get behind!

Healing Hands Foundation

Another reason we support doTERRA is because they give back. Helping the larger communities in which the old are sources is another win-win that makes sense in a sustainable and ethical company model. doTERRA’s charitable organization, the Healing Hands Foundation, provides funding and resources for community projects that improve lives and make a positive social impact.

Business Integrity and Culture

From signing up as a Wholesale Member, to the education and community provided as a consumer, to the support of their Builders, training encouraged, and all the fun had and good people involved, doTERRA is like one big family. They also support families in their natural health journeys, while offering a way for families to make a living and thrive doing so. There is never any negativity toward other essential oil companies, there is never any competition between teams, and there is so much self-empowerment and support given that everyone feels included no matter rank or placement. They offer an outstanding compensation plan, and have one of the best retention rates in the industry (78% of doTERRA members stay members year after year, and 65% of members order at least every three months)

They give back to the local regions where they source their oils, they treat the farmers ethically and with fair pay, they certify each batch of oils, and they support natural habitats by encouraging indigenous plant growth. They have integrity, ethics, and fun, and a culture that treats everyone as family.

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