Living Green Fair

Last weekend we attended South Florida's Living Green Fair at John U. Lloyd State Park in Dania Beach. Walking along the ocean and listening to the waves crash, we were immersed in why we are all trying to do our part to save this beautiful environment in which we live and depend upon. The kids ran a recycled paper relay, rode on an electric skateboard, and got to paint alongside Wyland, the world-renowned marine life artist. If you have ever seen a Wyland Wall, this was the man, and he was encouraging us with our paintings of jellyfish and a whale, as he painted dolphins right next to us!!! It was amazing, and he was so awesome connecting with the kids. Knowing that he is trying to save marine life by bringing attention to them in a beautiful artistic way shows just what variety there is in the environmental cause, and how powerful an image can be to awaken people to our interconnected world.

We met so many people at the Living Green Fair and it was such a breath of fresh air to talk with like-minded individuals and businesses, all trying to make a small difference for the greater good. There were businesses representing solar energy, organic catering, green building, and electric bikes. We instantly connected with a small, start-up, local, family-run business (just like us, even with baby in arms :-) that have created an innovative, reusable way to give gifts. Ewrapz is an alternative to wasteful paper gift wrap, made from organic and sustainable fabric and materials and available in six sizes that will accommodate most packages. You can give back and forth to a loved one, wash, re-use and never have to waste gift wrap again. This instantly appealed to me, as my dad for years would unwrap gifts at a snail's pace, careful to not tear any wrapping, so he could use it again. In teaching me how to save money, he raised up a natural environmentalist. So, what an innovative idea, economical and better for our environment! Plus, this is a local family, just like us, trying to make it by doing better for our environment. Love it!

Knowing there are many, many businesses and individuals here locally that are taking small steps in order to make a big impact renewed my faith in what we are doing. We are not alone, although some days it feels that way when faced with the conventional as our collective mainstream direction. I think by connecting with this community of like-minded souls, however, is how we realize that the alternative is becoming more common. One step, or painting, or innovative idea at a time.

Angela Malson1 Comment