Welcome to the Eco Womb Blog!

I am so excited to get this blog up and running!  For months I have been researching and advocating and campaigning and writing, writing, writing.  My intent is to now have a forum for all of that work without clogging all of my friends and family's email boxes :-)!  Now, you will be able to search for what interests you and check in on all of our projects on your own time.

Also, thank you to everyone who has shown their support for Eco Womb over the past six months and for spreading the word in your own circles!  If you have actually bought something, we love you and you have helped us pay the bills :-).  And if you have visited some of our resource page links, thank you, that is why we are doing this, to educate and spread awareness of the issues closest to our hearts.  We are looking forward to a great year!   

Angela Malson1 Comment