Happy Daddy!

My husband is amazing, and is the type of dad that just loves to be with his kids, always. He wrestles and cuddles, cleans and coaches, reads and plays, listens and loves. He is active in every part of our children's lives and truly works to enjoy the play. He has embraced every crazy idea I have had and more than anything I love that he trusts me with all of those crazy ideas. Whether it is getting rid of all of our plastic, buying only organic, homeschooling two active boys, or cloth diapering our baby, he has jumped on board 100% - what more could a mama ask for? Our next adventure... hitting the road in a veggie oil conversion rv to roadschool and explore the great wonders of this earth. Ok, so that one is still just a crazy idea, but you never know, we live out of the box anyway! Note, that I am researching that one, so if anyone has any info on how to do this, please post a comment or contact me. Thanks! And, don't forget to thank your hubbies for all the work and play they do, not just on Father's Day, but everyday, they deserve it!  And, to my hubby, thank you for helping me save the planet, one crazy idea at a time!

Angela MalsonComment