How Safe Is Charlie's Soap?

I found out the hard way...

We use Charlie's for everything... although there are some things Charlie's Soap just wasn't meant for. We started using Charlie's when our baby daughter was born and we decided to venture into the world of cloth diapers and do the right thing for our planet. I am so glad we did. Cloth diapers are the way to go (I know after 2 other children in throw-aways). Now, we are saving the earth two fold using Charlie's and the cloth diapers. We also started using Charlie's for our clothing, our kitchen, floors, baths, the garage, etc. etc. etc. Then one day Charlie's Soap had a new use in our house.

We had just gotten back from a trip to see family. Traveling with cloth diapers brought a new challenge as they have to be washed and you can't just pick them up at the local supermarket. So in the luggage goes the Charlie's Soap. But not needing a whole gallon for a short trip and with the pressures of carrying liquids that will be accepted on the plane, I put it into an old contact solution bottle (again saving the earth). I think you know where this is going. So we get back from our trip and I've run out of solution for my contacts. "Here's another bottle" I say to myself with my blurred vision. It didn't take long to realize this wasn't saline solution... and boy did my eyes get a thorough cleaning. But after a good rinsing with water and a bit of soreness throughout the day, I was good to go, clean eyes and all.

I can't help but wonder what would have happenened using any other laundry detergent, I might be blind right now. Instead, I can spend every day doing what I love to do (I am a designer and spend all day on a computer screen - even went to work that day) and enjoy seeing my children grow.

So THANK YOU Charlie's Soap for a product that can clean anything, but is gentle enough to use on a baby's bum and safe enough that I can still see. Now, I don't recommend using Charlie's Soap to clean your eyes, but it's good to know it's safe to have around the house.

P.S. - NO, I still don't know how the bottle made it back into my medicine cabinet, but next time I will mark it appropriately!

Clint MalsonComment