Fun at the Holiday Festival, and Giveaway Winner!

So much fun at the South FL Parenting Holiday Festival last weekend! Met so many great people, enjoyed seeing Santa, and the kids had a blast snow tubing (yes, in South FL :-). We were even there early enough to see how they blew the snow through those long tubes from huge chunks of ice in a refrigerated truck, the boys thought that was just as cool as the tubing. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hi, to check out what the Eco Womb Tour is all about, and those who engaged in great conversation about cloth diapers, empathy tools for children, and safe soap. Also, congrats to Alyson for winning our Giveaway of an Eco Womb Exclusive Organic Cotton Tour Shirt.

And, we even met some great new friends! The girls at Joon have a great new all natural body care product line for girls, and are doing their best to teach the masses about the hidden dangers in conventional skincare products. Loved talking with them, and loved their outlook and philosophies on engaging young girls to know they have safe options that are good for their health and the health of our environment, all while looking beautiful!

We also met Hillary and Jeff of the Mitch Spinach book series, teaching kids all about eating whole and natural foods and making it fun! What a great book, with green smoothie recipe, and fun kid powers, with more to come, love it! We feel so energized when we meet good people reaching out to others to promote healthy and natural living.

And, we met the amazing Kid KJ, the world's youngest Monster Truck Driver, and the boys became fast friends, running and playing all day long together, as boys should do! Such a sweet new friend, and now my guys want to join the Monster Truck Team, as soon as we can convert one to run on veggie, of course :-).

Fun day for our family, and glad to share eco-safe resources with South FL familes, snow tubing and all!

Angela Malson1 Comment