Dreaming up Freedom

Our plan for becoming a full-time family kinda just happened. I stumbled upon the Janssen family and Walk Slowly, Live Wildly from a link to a link sent by a local homeschool group we were in. I was immediately taken by that ability to chase a dream and live intentionally. That was me, that was what I had been longing for. So I began following some blogs of families on the road, including The Organic Sister and the Cage Free Family, was interested in simple and sustainable living, and was open to the possibilities. With my hubby on the same page, I started downsizing way before we decided to go full-time, and just ridding of extra stuff felt so cleansing. Then, when our work became all about paying the mortgage and the mounting bills, we realized that it would be best to let go of that, as well. So, we took it step by step, not really knowing where the path was taking us, but trusting that each hard decision made would lead us to opportunities to come. And, well it did.

We took a huge leap of faith and bought the RV, without the house sold, or any idea how we would provide income on the road. We then put the house on the market, continued to sell our things, and took steps to expand our business. We waited months, taking weekend trips and enjoying every moment we spent in the RV. We wrote a proposal to work remotely for the hubby's 9-5, had that accepted, launched our new website and the Eco Womb Tour, and sold the house all within a couple of months. It felt amazing! We accepted the energy and allowed it to flow within us, fueling our capacity to accept the changes as they came.

We trusted the path as it unfolded, trusted our ability to let go of the conventional, and trusted our confidence to guide our family on a new grand adventure, completely out of the box. And, it happened. We surrounded ourselves with like-minded souls that encouraged our dreams, friends wanting change as well, and online families that were living unconventionally. We seemed to attract like-minds just by being open-minded. And, with each tiny step, we grew leaps and bounds. We wanted our work to have purpose and our lives to be filled with valuable time together. For so long we just made it through the daily grind, unaware that anything else was possible. But, as soon as we were open to the possibilities, the doors started opening for us. Crazy ideas seemed possible. Knowledge of how other families did it was readily available online, and soon we were meeting some of those online friends in person! I devoured these resources night after night. Fueling my inner passion that we could do this, too. Really, just tapping into what was there all along, just finally opening up to living intentionally.

You see, I have always been the dreamer, the idealist, the 'yes, there can be world peace' kinda gal. Now I don't just feel that my visions have been for naught or that they could never come to fruition. I feel empowered by my own free will, by the acceptance of my own true self. And, really it was all of that inner work, opening up, becoming who we were meant to be and have always been that brought us to this point. All of the details sort of just worked themselves out, in the right time. For if we had rushed anything or tried to control the outcome, we wouldn't have been open to the way the path unfolded, and is still unfolding.

After living full-time in the Eco Womb Tour bus for 6 months now, we can honestly say that this has been the most freeing thing we have ever done. That it feels so right to finally live out what we have been dreaming up. And, that we are learning and growing everyday because we have freed up our minds and hearts to be open to the possibilities. So let go and live more fully!