Full Steam Ahead!

So much happening here at Eco Womb, we have been a bit busy behind the scenes. And, the energy is contagious! We have been busy, our kids are always busy, the world has been busy shifting and changing. And, there are so many connections going on. So stay tuned for some big news... soon!

New products to roll out in the next couple of weeks, updates on where the Eco Womb Tour Bus is headed this fall, and a whole new business venture that connects it all. Can't wait to share it with you, and at times have been too anxious thinking it is all happening too slow. But, have come to realize that it is all happening when it is meant to be happening. That every moment is perfect the way it is. That any pauses or delays were intended so that we could reassess and at times change directions. Blessings in disguise, a pitstop on the path, a much needed pause in the midst of chaos.

So, now that the Summer of Love is over and we fast forward into Fall, watch out, we are rolling full steam ahead!

Angela MalsonComment