Mothering the New Generation

Spring is a time for growth. New seeds sprout, buds blossom on tree branches, kids grow out of their shoes. And, lately around here, from mamas to papas to kids to an entire village ;) there has been a lot of personal growth. A community of families growing together into The Conscious Caravan, a truly amazing manifestation of connection. Our lil Eco Womb family growing closer as we try to live more and more mindful. Inner work for myself, looking at my children as a reflection of who I am, and growing to understand how to parent them consciously for who they are as unique individual spirits. My little girl, especially serving as a mirror to my little girl inside, is leading the way for this growth. We are both fire, spirit and passion. Her voice loud and unencumbered, full of truth to share with the world. My soul linked to that at its core, but coming from a place of quiet.

In the past several weeks, I have come back to this passage, as it has spoke to me greatly, so I wanted to share. Share in this parenting journey that we are all on and learning from constantly, share in the awakening happening right now worldwide as more and more conscious souls are connecting, and share in this amazing time of growth.

Mothering the New Generation

Do you know my child?
She is crystal clear to the core,
full of brilliant light without effort.

Her gaze may shock you,
leave you exposed and gaping,
wondering where this child came from.

Hope for our dark times and toxic ways,
and she comes with others,
a new wave of light beings.

They are here to usher in
a mothering of the planet,
a cleaning of consciousness,
an unarmed truth.

-excerpt, Kendra Ward 2010, from We'Moon 2012: Gaia Rhythms for Women - Chrysalis

What are you growing right now? Plants, children, spirit, community, yourself? It is all so very important. Sometimes I write to catch up on our blog, the when and where of our adventures, the how and why of our events. But, I also want to make sure to share what is going on for us in this time of awakening and growth. Writing is healing for me and sharing is powerful. So, I hope that you share, too, and join together in growth and awakening this spring. We can all be connected in community as we reach out and support one another in this time of healing and transforming. Mama Earth is counting on us ;)