man, it's cold

yes, we love the snow
the sunshine gleaming on the white powder
shooting stars against the mountains
christmas lights aglow inside
as we cuddle and welcome winter

but, man, it's cold
blowing warm air into hands kinda cold
bundling children up in blankets
like a burrito kinda cold
boiling water on the stove
just to hold your face over kinda cold 

constant hot tea mug in hand
curled up under a blanket
some of the same layers worn for days 
wearing snow pants and a scarf to bed
feet against the space heater 

drudging through snow just to use the bathroom
black tank frozen and clogged
no water for days and days
filling buckets to wash and brush teeth
rv living in winter 

car with no heat
blowing frigid air on my face
too many times we've stalled
it's ready to be warm, too
vintage car in winter 

these were our choices
to be in the cold in winter
kids wanted to play in the snow
that love of a chilly day during the holidays
curled up with hot tea 

yes, it feels good
to feel the seasons
to shift with the temperature and the trees
to follow the path of other animals
as they nestle in for the winds to come
snuggled in with the family
but, man, it's cold

Angela Malson1 Comment