Eco Womb Family and Baby Wish List

I know, I know, it's been over a month since I've blogged, and believe me I have many blog posts in my head. But, we have been busy, busy busy touring the West Coast this year, doing events all Spring and Summer, and now getting ready to add to our Eco Womb family this Fall. It is a time of great anticipation, excitement, and transition and we are looking forward to all of the beauty and growth and soulful energy that comes in bringing a new life into existence. We have also been renovating the Eco Womb Tour Bus to make room for baby, and nesting to create a sacred birth space in which to bring our precious babe earth-side. We plan on taking the rest of Fall and through the Winter to also plan out our next year's Education Tour and continue to expand our online presence while connecting with all of you beautiful souls that come here to join in our journey.

Some have asked how to help during this time, or what to gift a growing family who lives in 256 square feet? ;) Well, most of our nesting has been clearing out that which we don't need and reconfiguring our sleeping spaces, as well as making room for a few baby items. Honestly, newborns don't need more than their mama and their mama's breast, diapers, some clothes, and one of our favorites, a baby sling, all of which we already have. But, there are some items that would make things a little easier in planning our birth in the Eco Womb and once baby arrives. And, since we gave away most everything after our last babe was born and we hit the road full-time, there are some things we don't have but anticipate needing soon.

So, we are providing a list of baby needs and general Eco Womb needs to try and manifest these things however they come about. If you know someone that knows someone that has a hot water heater, then have them contact us, that one is kinda essential when envisioning our homebirth. If you want to send a gift card to help us get a new car seat, you can do that by email nowadays. Or, if you want to just donate to our general Fundraiser, then know that your donation will go directly to these items to help us prepare for baby, and beyond to prep for next year's Education Tour.

Please note that ALL donations to Eco Womb are now tax deductible, as we have recently switched our business to a 501(c)3 Non-Profit status. THANK YOU so much for your continued support!!!

Eco Womb Wish List

Solar charge controller - to be able to run all of our existing solar panels.

Hot water heater - ours caught on fire in the Spring and we have been doing without all of these months. Really need hot water to birth our babe and during the postpartum time, as well as to keep everyone warm this winter! Would love an inline on demand one, but even if it is replacing the older 6 gallon version, so much better than cold water on a cold night!

Awning - ours ripped out in a windstorm this summer, and then again driving down the road recently, so the poles and fabric and components are all shot, need the whole thing replaced to work.

Tow vehicle - we are working on this one, but if you happen to come across a 95-98 Honda Odyssey, let us know. We need to find something we can flat tow, under 3500lbs, and that seats six! Not easy, but this one fits the bill.

Tow package for new (to us) vehicle - to flat tow our new vehicle when we get it.


Eco Womb Baby / Family Specific Needs

Midwife Fund - raising money to cover Midwifery Services for our birth and postpartum, as all of our healthcare running a small, family, non-profit is out of pocket.

Tipi - yes, we would love to set up a tipi outside the Eco Womb for a bit more birthing space. Really trying to manifest this one! So, if you know someone who has one or is willing to let us borrow one, please forward their contact info. Thanks!

Waterbirth tub - we will probably rent one, unless someone knows someone who has one to borrow.

Birth kit - anything you would recommend for having a homebirth/waterbirth for mama and baby. 

Infant car seat - rear facing infant seat, just the seat, not the stroller or combo.

Essential Oils - we use these as preventative healthcare, and looking for a family kit, especially any in particular that are good for birth, postpartum, and baby.

Receiving blankets - currently have two thicker baby blankets, but looking for small sized ones to swaddle and to keep baby all cozy this fall/winter.

Diaper prefolds - have some older original Fuzzi Bunz cloth diapers and need some inserts to fill them. Also like to use them for burp cloths or as diaper changing pads.

Organic towel and wash cloths - need soft washcloths for baby, and created a changing pad out of organic towels for our daughter when she was a babe, would like to make the same thing again.

Stainless Flip top trashcan - to hold all of the cloth diapers in between washes.

Really trying to manifest the things we need without running a formal Fundraiser, and are open to bartering, trade, and whatever you can donate during this time of transition for us as a family. We know the power of community and conscious connection and appreciate all of the support our tribe has already given this year! Thank you, and remember ALL donations are now tax deductible under our 501(c)3 status.

Much, much peace and love to you all!

The Eco Womb Family

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