music for the soul

jamming to smiles
jack johnson on my headphones
bubbly toes in my ear
banana pancakes on my mind

a smile in the simplicity
of times like these
music to the soul
another reset to the spirit 

sometimes, a breather
is all that is needed
what will be will be
all together, ok 

let it go and know
it will all be ok
we will make it
we will sustain 

love is enough
spirit can lead
continue to give
it will provide 

continue to give
it will provide
because it's what's needed
in this world of ours 

unconditional love
smiles for all
a heart so big
yes it will change the world 

no matter the trouble
love will prevail
a shift is happening
because it's what's needed
to change this world of ours 

we all need this
music to lift the soul
a breather in the chaos
smiles for all, a heart so big 

so, yes, let me please breakdown
with you by my side
because without you i was broken
but i'd rather be broke down with you by my side 

love is enough, oh yes it is
and so is a smile, and big heart
that will outshine the chaos
because together we can make it
together, love will prevail 

and, yes, it will change the world
there is no other way
then to wake and feel
music for the soul


Listen, love, and get up and dance! -

Angela MalsonComment