Hello 2014!

I have been bursting at the seams lately with blog post ideas and have been planning loads of goodies to unveil for Eco Womb this year, as well as noting all of the things I have to catch up on from last year, but haven't had a whole lot of time to write and post. So, I am making a promise to myself to do what I can when I can. I may write less and post more, I may just share photos of our journey here, offer guest posts, and/or share resources. However it unfolds, I just know it will be as it should.

It is midnight now and I have a baby nursing in my lap and only my left hand available to type. With a newborn nursling, these moments are what I cherish. My right hand will be available at some point to write faster, or I may just as well get used to one-handed typing, but right now I am helping him hold up my breast as he grasps my finger with his tiny hand. And, I know this is where I am needed.

He is teaching me to let go of what I think I need to be doing and be in the moment to realize what is. He is a powerful old soul, this babe, and just like his siblings has a spirit that is strong and wise and full of love. I can feel his desire to BE and it fills me with joy to feel his light shine. My kids are the reason we have taken the road less traveled. My kids fuel me with the desire to make this great earth a better place. My kids remind me daily to let go of the little things (and sometimes the big things) to embrace the present.

And so, I am jumping into 2014 with their enthusiasm and faith that all will be amazing as we let the universe reveal our path and rhythm for this year. I am living awake and aware of all that is happening on so many levels in this crazy beautiful world we live in, but not in fear of it. I am letting go of where I have been to get to where I am meant to be. And, I have no doubt that with my family by my side, we will land exactly where we are supposed to when we are meant to, enjoying the wild adventure of it all along the way. For tonight, though, I will hold tight to my babe's little hand, and cuddle up close to him as I dream of all the leaps of faith we have taken on this journey to get us here to this amazing moment.

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