Dr. Bronner's Giveaway!!!

One of the biggest supporters of GMO labeling and all things Non-GMO has to be Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps. Such an amazing company and such dedication to supporting activism on so many levels that we feel honored that they have been one of our biggest supporters the past couple years. We walked with David Bronner in the Right2Know March just over two years ago from New York City to Washington, DC and let me tell you he is not only super tall and super kind and hip, but he walks the walk and is a true activist.

Change happens when you take the steps toward change, every one of us playing our part to collectively create change together. David Bronner and the Dr. Bronner family and company get that and they not only make an awesome product, but they wholeheartedly want to help create that change. This is a company that gives back to so many good causes and supports other activists big and small to help create that collective shift, they truly exemplify "BE the change." Thank you Dr. Bronner's for ALL you do!

As a social engine for change, they promote and financially contribute to the following causes which Eco Womb also supports 100% - 

Here at Eco Womb, we are passionate about organic products, supporting local and Fair Trade, supporting the many sustainable uses of hemp, promoting the ethical treatment of animals in agriculture as well as in shelters, and fighting for safe, organic, Non-GMO foods and products for our kids and our future. We educate at events and festivals and throughout our travel with The Non-GMO Family Awareness Campaign. We also run The Non-GMO Family Food Drive to give back healthy, safe food to those in need in our communities. Living sustainably is what drives our family, and why we created Eco Womb, so we are super stoked to have Dr. Bronner's support!

For our second GIVEAWAY in our Month of Giveaways, we are pleased to offer this sweet bundle of Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps, including two 32 oz. "Yes on 522" special labeled Castile Liquid Soaps, two Castile Bar Soaps, and an organic Eco Smiles shirt from Eco Womb in your choice of adult tee or infant onesie, worth over $60 in organic goodness! All you need to do is (1) leave a comment by next Monday, February 17th here on the Blog or on Facebook, (2) follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, AND (3) share to enter. Let us know why you love Dr. Bronner's, too! And, be sure to share the love with your friends!

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