Earth Mama Angel Baby Giveaway!!!


Our final Giveaway in our Month of Love is for all of you expectant mamas out there! As I have been working on writing my Birth Story lately (will post soon!), I have been reminded of just how amazing those first few hours and days and weeks truly were. And, how important it was that I had a few postpartum essentials on hand to help manage during that intense time. You see, little babe came at 38 weeks, and while he was ready to greet the world and was perfectly healthy, and my body was ripe and ready, my mama mind still had a to do list and was getting settled in my birth space. Our family had just landed on the farm, and we were getting grounded from constant travel as I began to truly nest.

I had one day where I made my hubby promise all would be well, even if we had our baby on the road, at a campground, or wherever we were in our travels, I just knew he was coming! And, then I had other days where I talked to our precious babe and we decided together that he would stay in just a little bit longer so Mama could prepare our nest, build a tipi, wash our cloth diaper stash, you know all those Mama things. It was a Friday, a full moon, and I had all the energy in the world. We went shopping, bought a car seat (finally), found an awesome kids consignment shop with the most amazing baby section, and got a few items for our home birth kit (birth ball, washcloths, towels, etc.). I headed home that night a very tired Mama indeed. Went to sleep and awoke an hour later... in labor!!! And although nothing got washed, and the car seat never made it out of the box, it didn't really matter because our sweet moon baby was born safe and sound and healthy at home and well, didn't need to get dressed up to drive anywhere, lol.

Of course we still had that list a mile long that we intended to do over the weekend to prepare for our baby's arrival earth side, but it is funny how lists don't matter in the end. And, it is amazing how little you really need when baby is ready to come. But then... all of a sudden you are in the postpartum period and you have other needs that didn't quite make it on any list. So, it was with SUCH GRATITUDE that I had a bag of Earth Mama Angel Baby essentials on hand for all of that postpartum stuff that you forget about until after birth. The healing of the perineum, how tender it is to sit on your bottom, going to the bathroom right after. You mamas know, right? So, even though I didn't have everything in a sweet little place all ready for babe, I did have this sweet bag of goodies hanging in my bedroom. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Earth Mama Angel Baby for coming to my rescue!!!

They make the most eco-safe pregnancy, postpartum, baby and family products I have ever tried, and they work! I am extremely chemically sensitive, as our my kids, which is one of the reasons we were set on the Eco Womb path. We started our business and educational initiatives in order to create a home environment as safe as Mama's womb, hence the name Eco Womb. Not only do I feel safe using these products, they feel good, smell good, and they work to heal and soothe! Plus, the entire Earth Mama Angel Baby team is amazingly sweet and such a good company! We stopped by in our travels just to meet them and they surprised us with coming on board as an Eco Womb Sponsor!!! Plus, we were able to work with them on a beautiful photo shoot to document our pregnancy, that happy Mama in those photos above is me and our precious baby boy!

And, now for this week's Giveaway, some of my favorites for right after birth, a Mama's Postpartum Recovery Essential Bag from Earth Mama Angel Baby!!! So that you, too, can be ready for whenever your precious babe decides it's showtime! Included in the bag is one New Mama Bottom Spray, one Mama Bottom Balm, one Happy Mama Spray, one Postpartum Bath Herbs, and one Organic Monthly Comfort Tea.

To enter, simply (1) leave a COMMENT by next Thursday, March 6th here on the Blog or on Facebook, or Instagram, (2) FOLLOW us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, AND (3) SHARE to enter. We will announce the winner on Friday, March 7th. And, remember you must FOLLOW, COMMENT and SHARE to enter!! So, tell us when you or a loved one you wish to gift are due, and why you love Earth Mama Angel Baby or why you would like to try their amazing products. Good luck mamas!


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