Awakening for Change and "The Thinking Moms Revolution" Book Giveaway!

Eco Womb started out as a way for us to offer eco-safe products and resources to other families, but has expanded into so much more. We could have never imagined the journey we would take once we hit the road, or the amazing people we would meet along the way. You see, we didn't always live eco-safe, it was years of parenting and learning and researching and discovering. We ate some organic food, what we could afford at the time, and tried to be as green as we could with the products we used in our home. But, we also shopped at Costco and got the deals on Clorox Wipes, picked up fast food after running the kids to activities, and didn't think twice about dairy or gluten or the gut brain barrier.

It was after our two year old was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea and needed surgery in order to breathe, it was after our six year old was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder and said to have Asperger's, and it was after our four year old got Shingle's yet never had Chicken Pox. For us the vaccine injuries and chemical reactions weren't immediately following a shot, or in response to a cleaning frenzy or Happy Meal, but they were cumulative and took us down a path of getting sick not better. Exposure to toxic mold at a Mommy and Me class, rounds of antibiotics after a string of ear infections, and the ever difficult response to each vaccine we gave our boys led us to learn the real dangers of toxins. And, when you keep adding injury to a basket of ails, eventually that basket will tip over. I haven't discussed a lot of what got us to leading such a healthy lifestyle here on the Blog, but there it is in a nutshell. There really is so much more, and I could write a whole blog post on it all, but bottom line is that our kids were affected by toxins that everyone, including our doctors, deemed safe.

So, we changed everything.. what we ate, what we cleaned our home with, what we put on our bodies, what toys our kids played with, and when our daughter graced us with her natural birth two years after taking several small steps toward change, we instinctively wanted to create a home that was as safe as mama's womb. And, the idea of Eco Womb was born. We set out to share with people our story, how to take small steps to a healthier life, and to connect with others on a similar path. When we then sold our house to live and travel as sustainably as we could in a 32 ft. RV that ran on waste veggie oil, well that journey took off with amazing speed and is still unfolding. The beauty in all the drastic changes we have made is by far the people we have met along the way! Others on a similar path of healing and discovery, health and activism.

It made perfect sense when the universe led us to participate in the Right2Know March our first year on the road, standing up for safe Non-GMO foods. Three years later and we are still marching for GMO labeling, still educating on how to live eco-safe, and still running on clean waste veggie oil. So, when I met the mamas of The Thinking Moms' Revolution last year on a book tour stop in San Francisco, and read their "Inspiring True Stories from Parents Fighting to Rescue their Children" I felt an immediate connection... to their journeys, to their fights, to their late night research trying to heal their kids, to the lengths that a parent goes to make the world a better place for all children. Because it doesn't just stop when your kid is healed, it matters that we make change to the system that continues to make these kids sick. It matters that we stand up to Big Pharma for making huge profits on pushing more and more vaccines with untested toxins, it matters that we speak out against Monsanto and Big Agriculture for poisoning our foods, and it matters that we buck convention and admit that chemicals kill.

We are a resilient species for sure, but there is a generational build-up of toxins in our system and unless we stop it, we may not be so resilient anymore. I know that many families will never be affected by a chemical or vaccine reaction, or have an immune response to a food or cleaning product, but there are families out there that deal with those impacts everyday. And so, we stand up not to change how you do things, but to help those that are seeking change.

My family is chemically sensitive for a reason, so that our awakening can help bring about change. And, yes, every person and family out there making change is helping alter the system. So to all the Thinking Moms (and Dads) who have stepped up and spoke out in honor of your kids, we stand beside you and thank you. YOU are the change we have been seeking. And, our kids will BE the change for the next generation.

For those that haven't yet read The Thinking Moms' Revolution - Autism Beyond The Spectrum: Inspiring True Stories from Parents Fighting to Rescue their Children, or for those that want to share the love and gift someone with this book, we couldn't be prouder to kick off our Month of Giveaways with this book! Leave a comment by February 9th here on the Blog, or on Facebook or Instagram @ecowomb AND follow us and The Thinking Moms Revolution to enter. Tell us how you have made change for your kids, taken steps to live healthier, and stood up for the future of your family, or tell us why you are seeking change for them, because there really is a little "thinking mom" and "revolutionary" in all of us when it comes to our children.

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