Help us launch our 5 Year "BE the Change" Tour!


The Eco Womb Tour "fueled by love, peace and veggie grease" launched 5 years ago in November 2010 in South Florida. We have been from coast to coast, in 40 states so far, and have done over 75 events nationwide teaching on simple and sustainable living, alternative fuels, solar energy, going zero waste, getting outside and hiking with your family, and the importance of eating organic, Non-GMO foods for our kids for our future! We teach workshops and eco-education at schools and colleges, host movie screenings, participate in festivals and green fairs, walk in marches and parades spreading GMO awareness, and have toured in several states working on GMO labeling. We are passionate about living healthy for our kids and our planet and do all of our events with our children. We live, work, and breathe our message everyday, because we live and travel full-time in the Eco Womb Tour Bus with our family of six. We connect with families and create change because we speak our truth, only sharing what products and resources we use as a family, and how our story of chemical sensitivity and toxic overload have led us down the path of awareness and activism to stand up for a safer food system, social justice rights, and a healthier environment. We enjoy the outdoors with our kids because the fresh air and clean water and safe soils that we support daily are in essence what continues to support our beautiful journey here on earth. We are all one and dependent on one love for all.

It is not just a fad to eat organic, it is a necessity for our health and the health of our planet. And, our kids have healed on a better diet and with safer products used in our home. We also know that not everyone has access to safe, healthy foods, and as a family that left corporate America behind (and the steady paycheck with it) to hit the road and share this message, we know how hard it is to provide all organic and toxic-free foods and products for our family on a very limited income. The struggle is real and we get it. But, we see our food budget as preventative healthcare and know the value is worth it. We strive to support local foods as we travel and companies that are organic and Non-GMO verified, as well as companies that support sustainable living, alternative fuels, and renewable energy. By supporting these companies and farmers we are voting with our forks and dollars and striving to make change along the way.

We also connect with families on how to be more active, hike and bike with their children, and the steps they can take to recycle, live more simply and choose more sustainable products and activities. We connect well because these are all things we do daily with our own kids, and we show how to take small steps to make big change.

But, we can’t do all that we do without your support. Eco Womb is a 501(c)3 family-run non-profit and exclusively depends on donations from the general public, Non-Profits, Foundations, and Socially Responsible Corporations to fund all of our Educational Programs and Events as we travel. For the past 5 years now we have supported our non-profit mainly from our own pockets, through the income that is generated by Eco Womb Papa Bear’s design company, Letterbox Studios. We have had one main Sponsor for the past three years, thank you thank you thank you Dr. Bronners!!! And, a couple extra smaller Sponsors that came on board this past year to help us rebuild the engine on the Eco Womb Tour Bus so that we could stay on the road. Thank you Earth Mama Angel Baby and Modern Tribe! But, we mainly work for free and give our time and energy because we love it and it is our passion. We have been funding Eco Womb and all of our Educational Programs on a very limited budget on an average of $6,000 a year (yes, that's it!!!!!). We are sharing that here and putting it all out there because we want to do better and give back more.

We also know that to give more and keep going at the pace we are going, we need to fund our initiatives and make Eco Womb a financially sustainable non-profit. Imagine what we could do if we doubled (or tripled) our budget to a working, sustainable non-profit, impacting a greater number of families and expanding our reach even further. So, we are seeking your support. If you know of a socially responsible company or organization that would like to partner with us as a Sponsor, please send them our way. If you are a small family business that wants to barter with us to spread your handmade or eco-conscious goods, please send us a message. And, if you have been impacted in any way by our Education Programs, events, or outreach, or, if you would like for us to come your way for an event in your hometown, please consider a personal donation. We don’t fundraise as often as we should, so any and all support is greatly appreciated. And, as a token of our love and appreciation, anyone who donates $10.00 or more by February 15th will receive an Eco Womb sticker, and a handwritten #sharetheloveandpeace message.

We are hoping to raise $15,000 to launch our 5 Year BE the Change Tour by April, 15 2016. If just 1500 of our supporters would donate $10.00 we would make our goal and be able to continue spreading awareness and education, and share the peace and love along the way. We want to make this next year’s Tour the best yet and hope that you will hop aboard to help share the light. Because it isn’t just our family-run non-profit out here standing up and speaking out, it is ALL of us together making change! And, when we join forces as a collective voice, we are so much stronger and more efficient. Help us spread the love, donate $10.00 (or more, or less) today! Whatever you can! We appreciate and love you all! Sending so much peace and love out to each and everyone of you!

If you would like to donate to the Eco Womb Tour and help us continue our education on the road, please visit our Donate page and click on our PayPal Donate Button. All donations are secure and private, and as a 501(c)3 non-profit, all donations are tax-deductible under federal law. 

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Angela MalsonComment