Unplugged, yet Connected

Been in the woods and climbing rocks and exploring caves and holding up boulders with these kiddos. Ending up at a campground with no cell reception and limited wifi for the past week (going on two) has been a challenge to balance Mama work and connection time, but I'm realizing just how needed this week offline has been for me. A gentle reminder that my rhythm needs to be that of the earth, always, above all else, the pulse of our days breathing in and out with the vibration of it all as one. Because we are all a part of this living, breathing, sustaining ball of light and life floating though the universe. We are the universe. And just as Mama Earth sustains us with the breath of life, we can sustain her by breathing into our center, and tapping into that love, that peace and calm when we're in the wild and unplugged. It's big I tell ya, so so big, that love and light. And, oh what these kiddos and these rocks and trees and dirt filled trails can teach you!!!

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