Saying YES!

Sunsets and bike rides and chasing waves and saying yes. These are the days I hope they remember most. Because even in the swirl of having four kiddos with big spirited souls and differing needs at the same time, I guess especially because of that swirl, we try and say yes often so they know they are being heard. So they know that they each individually matter.

It isn't always easy. Dragging all of our bikes with a toddler seat in tow down to the ocean through thick sand was not really feasible or desired at the end of a long day, but this boy wanted to ride his bike in the waves so bad, and that sunset was so awesome that we just made it happen.

Because sometimes saying yes even when you're too tired or uncertain is the best kind of yes! It's a fresh breath in the crazy swirl, a lasting memory made, and a heart-filling moment that keeps. ☺️✨💛