Celebrating our 6 Year Nomadiversary!


6 years ago today we made a giant leap of faith, took a risk to sell our house and everything in it, hit the road in a tiny home on wheels and made the open highway our new adventure. The journey has taken us to so many amazing places, opened our hearts to so many amazing friends we now call family, allowed us to hike and camp and breathe in the beauty that this world has to offer, and recommit our passions to serve as a family of activists. We have continued to run Eco Womb, our family non-profit, working events across the country to teach about sustainable living, going organic, protecting our planet, getting out into nature as a family, and how to do it all with a toddler and teen and two in between. We now have one more little earth warrior on the way, have been to 47 states so far, and have grown together as a family in so many ways. There have been plenty of tough times when it all seemed too crazy to continue, and too hard to press on, but those lessons just brought us closer as a family and have awakened our souls to stay open to what is our true path. Leaning into trust, knowing we always end up where we are meant to be, and allowing the road ahead to unfold as our hearts lead the way has been our guide. Setting intentions to blog more this year, making time to write and document more photos from our journey, and sharing more of the stories behind the adventures. So, we celebrate six years and whatever the next six bring, and breathe in all of the memories and love πŸ’™βœ¨πŸ™πŸΌπŸŒŽβ„οΈπŸ’™


Angela MalsonComment