It's so easy... a daddy can do it.

When Angela and I decided to venture into the world of the cloth diaper I thought, "This is gonna be such a challenge, what am I getting myself into?. How are we going to clean poop off of these things, or worse yet, go out in public with them"? Like many others, I was scared.

But 18 months and a gazillion diaper changes later, I couldn't have been more wrong. THIS IS EASY!!

Cloth diapers work very much like conventional, throw in the landfill for 500 years after 2-3 hours on your baby's butt, disposable diapers... but they are healthier for your baby, cheaper, and did I mention way better for the environment. For the past 18 months we could have contributed approximately 4,932 diapers into the landfill. Wow, that's how many diaper changes we've done? And we probably have another 18 months to go.

I'm sure you're thinking, "But what about all of the water and energy you have used for all of those diapers? And what about the harsh chemicals you're introducing into the water system"? The answer to that is we have used very little more energy and water since starting this process than we did before our baby was born. As for the detergent, we use Charlie's Soap for all of our laundry. It's a soap, not a detergent, that is environmentally safe as well as gentle on your skin. I know because we have some sensitive skin in this family.

But back to the EASY part. These things really are a breeze. We keep them in a regular stainless steel trash can with a pillow case as a liner. And let me tell you, it smells way better than a diaper genie and it's inserts. It actually holds the smell better which I think is due to the fact they are cloth diapers without any chemicals. So when the pail is full and we're just about out of diapers, into the washer they go! Wash, dry, put back into the drawer. It's that EASY. Really it is. "But what about the poop"? A little more effort, but most of the time it comes right off without having to touch it, ewwww.

The other benefit is the cost. With our first 2 children we spent an average of $40+ a month for disposables. That would be about $720 after 18 months. So far we've spent a third of that, and the diapers we have now will last us through at least another 6-12 months. The brand we have used is called Fuzzi Bunz. There are plenty of different brands out there, but these are the diapers we have used and will promote because we have been so satisfied with them. The other cost saving benefit is that they are reusable. We were given our first batch to try from someone else, and we have shared those with others. So you could actually start out with zero cost if you know the right people. :-)

So, give cloth diapers a try. It might be the best thing you can do for your baby and your wallet. If I can do it, so can you. Just remember... It's EASY. If you have questions, don't be afraid to ask.

Keep checking back as I will post a video of just how easy it is.

Clint MalsonComment