Happy Mama's Day

To my mama and all of the mamas of the world who dedicate themselves to others on a constant basis. You are the unsung heroes of the world, and you are the ones on the front lines facing the most difficult challenges ahead. Every time you hug or hold your babies you are making all the difference. You are raising up the future of caring individuals to care for others and to care for our planet. Whether fighting for peace across the world, or fighting to keep food on your table each night, you are making all the difference. You are showing your kids what is important and how to survive in this driven world. Thank you to all the mamas in my life that have shared their wisdom and friendship and support, you are making all the difference. The mamas of the world have always been a force to be reckoned with, and with knowledge and the strength in confidence to speak out against injustice and speak up for our children, you are raising the leaders of tomorrow who will ultimately continue to make a difference.

After reading Jenny McCarthy's book, Mother Warriors, (a gift from my precious husband who loves my mama bear drive) I realized that the more we mamas share and connect our experiences, the more confidence we can build. As McCarthy writes, "A Mother Warrior Is... a mother who hears there is no hope for her child, and instead of retreating and mourning, breaks down walls, weaves her way through obstacles, follows her intuition even when people tell her she is crazy. She is a mother who believes in hope. A mother who never gives up when she keeps hitting dead ends. These are the women who will continue to open the door so future generations of children don't have to suffer. These are the mothers with hearts of gold and shields of the strongest armor." Of course, McCarthy was speaking of her fight to to heal her son's autism against all odds and to join with thousands of other families doing the same. Mother Warriors is her story and the story of several others who wouldn't take no for an answer and who have uncovered the untruths when so many are so resistant to hearing the truth.

We are facing unprecedent times when the food we eat, the skin products we use, the toys our kids play with, the medicine we give them, the mattresses we sleep on, and the indoor air we breathe has all been overloaded with toxic doses of chemicals. Our bodies and our children's small bodies can only take so much! There is a reason that 1 in 150 children today are getting diagnosed somewhere on the autism spectrum, and while many have their theories, and while many can pinpoint how their child got it, there needs to be something done to the overload of toxins that our children's generation are facing. There is a direct link between our ailing health issues and this overload. For the health of our babies and our babies' babies, as well as to heal the health of good 'ole Mother Earth, we don't have a choice anymore. And a strong group of mothers will be the ones leading this cause. So, thank you mom for passing along that grizzly mama bear ferocity and for teaching me to speak up. Don't forget to thank your mamas, and all the women in your life fighting for their babies' futures. "As Margaret Mead, the late great sociologist, once said, 'Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.'" Mama Earth will be better off if we keep speaking up, because by healing our children we will be healing the world.

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