Our baby turns three, and so does our idea for Eco Womb!

Three years ago, today, October 29, 2010, our precious baby girl was born, into the early morning light, after contracting all night and for days prior as if to say watch out, get prepared, here I come! She is strong and willed and has a fire that exemplifies her self and passion for life. She is just as spirited as her big brothers, but oh my, oh so different. I definitely felt stronger after having birthed her, natural and on my time, despite a nurse that tried to tell me what to do. If you can stand up to someone in the middle of intense labor pains in the middle of the night, you realize you can kinda stand up to anyone or anything. That is how our sweet daughter entered this world, and we see that strength and fire in her everyday.

Her birth also gave me perspective and the will to follow through with many of my passions. She was born during that stretch of toy recalls and national attention paid to the toxins we readily give our children on a daily basis. With her birth we had more knowledge and support, we researched vaccines, we decided to rid our house of plastic, we learned about BPA and GMOs, we basically took action against all of the forces we had previously just been a part of and started voting with our dollars. We were already buying organic whenever possible, but we decided to go exclusively organic. We had many of those recalled toys in our own home, so we did massive clean sweeps to get rid of the old (and toxic) and lighten our load. Once we started this process, it felt liberating to live with less, and know that everything we kept and brought into our home was safe. We researched everything from laundry soap to shampoo to wood toys to organic cotton. We also realized that these items were hard to find locally and in some cases hard to find even online in one store.

So, with the birth of our precious babe, we also birthed the idea of Eco Womb. We had friends ask us where we got our wooden toys, what soap was safe, how to find recycled products or cloth diapers. So we thought let's open a store to offer eco-safe and family friendly products, and provide resources to keep people aware. We also wanted to put our environmental and design backgrounds together and fuse a creative outlet for a business that would offer items as "safe as mama's womb" because honestly, isn't that the kind of world we want to birth our babies into? We have grown and changed in the past three years, and have learned that in order to live and work green, you have to embrace the lifestyle of your dreams and just go for it! And, we are reminded of that spirit everyday by our brave, independent, climb on the counter to reach the dishes or fill a glass with water, three year old baby girl.

So, Happy Birthday dear love! And, Happy Birthing day to our dream of making this business a viable support for truly living and working green, full of spirit and dreams, everyday!

Angela Malson1 Comment