Wyland Living Green Fair

Wow. The Wyland Living Green Fair this weekend was amazing! We met some fantastic people, enjoyed beautiful fall weather here in South Florida, and felt a warm community connection as we all talked and learned about going green. The kids had a great time painting with Wyland a huge 50 foot mural in the middle of Mizner Park, learning about the water cycle in the Clean Water Mobile Learning Center, running through the maze, dancing on stage with Earthman, painting the Lexus, eating Fair Trade Dark Chocolates and gulping down Honest Tea juices (thanks guys). We networked with many great businesses and organizations working on amazing projects to help give back and green up our community, and create the future of a sustainable planet for our children that we all dream about.

This was the launch of our very own Eco Womb Tour, so we worked very hard to get to this weekend and have everything ready, the bus prepped and wrapped, our inventory loaded, our veggie on display. And, wow, what a feeling, to have it right there in Mizner Park. Thank you to everyone who helped along the way, and who came out to the Fair to show their support, our neighbors, our friends, everyone. A special thanks to our very dear friends who came and hung out with the kids for a good part of each day so that we could balance it all. Not easy with a business, an event of this size, and three little ones. You guys are the best! Thank you to David Etzler for providing us the opportunity to be in the Fair. Thank you to Wyland for all of his contributions to the Fair, for providing educational outreach to so many children in teaching them to care for our environment, and for taking the time to stop by the Eco Womb Tour bus to say hi. And, thank you to everyone who stopped by to learn what we were doing, for your thumbs up, your high fives, your smiles of encouragement, your support in our products and vision. We really felt like we were community building, reaching out, connecting, learning from each other, engaging. And really, isn't that what it is all about? To build a sustainable future, we need sustainable communities. We need open minds and support for each other to engage in active dialogue about the future of our planet. We need to know what is going on at the global and local levels, and that we have choices. There are alternative fuel options other than big oil, there are renewable energy sources that are accessible to communities, there are eco-safe choices in what products and services we buy. And, there are many great businesses and organizations right in your own community providing these options.

The Wyland Living Green Fair was a great place to envision and build the kind of sustainable community that our children and environment will thrive upon. We felt nothing but possibilities over the weekend. And so, Eco Womb is officially mobile on the Eco Womb Tour. Be sure to follow us and help spread the love! And, if you want to book us for an event, interested in sponsoring the tour, or want to donate to help us make this dream possible, please contact us at love@ecowomb.com. Also, be sure to check out photos from the Fair in our gallery. Fueled by love, peace, and veggie grease!

Angela Malson1 Comment