Eco Womb Tour Launch... and another giveaway!

So glad you're here, checking us out. We have been working very hard to redesign the website, rewrap the RV, and launch the Eco Womb Tour. Basically, we are taking a huge leap of faith to go mobile and spread the message of simple and sustainable living. We are passionate about living and working green, but more importantly we know that it will take a community of voices to make enough change to really make a difference in creating a more sustainable future. We want to connect and remind people that they have a choice in how they live, how they commute, how they spend their dollars. We have choices in alternative fuels, renewable energy, sustainable housing, eco-safe products and services, and in our everyday activities.

Sometimes it can feel as if we just go through the motions to make a living, make ends meet, like we can't possibly have time to do anything about the state of our world. We have been there, a young family on a limited budget, juggling three jobs, with a small business trying to make it (ok, that is where we are now :). But, every inaction is an action, and every time you spend a dollar you are voting. Really. Think about it, if you choose to shop at Wal-Mart and buy that imported plastic toy, you are choosing to vote for more jobs to be sent overseas, more need for foreign oil, and less equitable wages for local employees. Why not buy a wooden toy from a local craftsman right in your own community? You don't have to spend more, just buy less quantity and more quality. You can also thrift, recycle, reuse. We do have choices, every day.

The Eco Womb Tour is all about sharing what choices are out there, connecting communities, creating change. Let's do this together. Let's spread the love, peace, and veggie grease. Call us, email, follow us on twitter, share a link on facebook, post a comment on our blog, we want to hear from you. And, join us in being conscience consumers, connected to what we buy, what we eat, what fuel we use to drive, and what fuels our souls. Why not live passionately everyday? Let us help you see the choices available so that you can. And, join us on this journey to connect and ignite that freedom in us all.

We had so much fun sharing the love at the Wyland Living Green Fair by giving away an Eco Womb Tour Organic Cotton T-Shirt each day (congrats to Grace and Marissa :-), that we want to share the love with you, too. Leave a comment here or on our facebook page - - about how you choose to live and work green or how you vote with your dollars and we will again select another random winner. You will receive your choice of a "love, peace, and veggie grease" Eco Womb Tour Organic Cotton T-Shirt, so you, too, can spread the love. Just make a post by midnight, Sunday, November 21st. Much peace and love to you all!

Angela Malson10 Comments