Slowing Down

"If we go slow, the day will go slow. If we go fast, the day will go fast." - this has been sort of our motto recently, an intuitive statement made by our then five year old son. And, so in my attempt to "slow down" in life, from the on the go busyness, scheduled activities, and fast paced world around us, this saying has been ringing louder and louder in my mind. For the past month, as a whole month flew by, and my intent for this blog in the new year was to blog more often, at least every few days. Well, what happened? I certainly didn't slow down my to-do list, or make time to blog. I have many posts in my head, from how we cloth diaper to organic body products to all-natural pesticides.

So, if you have been here wondering, ok, the holidays are over, are you going to write anything new, please keep visiting and know that while I try harder to slow down all of my running, I am looking forward to making more time here writing. Because, I do find myself more content and calm when I write and connect. And, I am finding my way in knowing how to slow down and keep my passions going. At least I am beginning to understand that balance. I think it is in all of us, and I think when you slow down, your day really does go slower and you create more time for the things you really want to do. So, thanks to my old soul of a son who is wise beyond his years, his "go slow" statement is helping me find balance this year.

It is actually this mindset that is fueling a slow down movement... from growing your own foods or at least eating locally, to walking and biking more and driving less, to handwork and supporting local artisans, moving your money to local banks or credit unions, and an overall connection with your local community. I hope you all find a way to slow down, smell the roses, feel the grass, relax, meet your local farmer, and maybe even discover a hidden passion of your own in the process. So, go ahead, ignore your to-do list, and stop rushing. It's good for the mind, body, and our environment.

Angela Malson1 Comment