FuzziBunz are here!

We are so excited to now carry FuzziBunz cloth diapers at Eco Womb!

When our baby girl was born we were given a set of the original FuzziBunz by a dear friend. We had wanted to try cloth diapering this time around, but we were not sure where to start, so this was a beautiful gift. Both her daughters had worn the diapers and we were amazed by the quality and just how soft they were after years of use. We were hooked. Only problem was when we first tried them on our newborn baby girl they were so big they covered her whole little belly. They were a Small, but she was very small. Cute, but not practical. So we did end up trying the X-Small size and they were perfect. She wore them for the first 8 weeks until the other diapers fit. Then, we didn't buy diapers again until she was 6 months old, pretty awesome to not have that expense. And, instead of running out for diapers all the time, we just stayed home with our baby and washed them every few days. At that time we bought a set of Medium, which has lasted us now for over 2 years! That's right, we have only bought diapers twice, now that is a good investment, saving us $1,500+ over 3 years.

But, cloth diapers are not only good for your wallet, they are good for the environment, and best for your baby's bottom. They are safe, soft, and gentle on those chubby legs. There is no chemical residue next to their skin, and you can rest soundly knowing you are not putting a petroleum product on your baby 24/7. And, it is easy, really. Place the insert in the pocket, snap according to size, and your baby is wrapped in soft, safe cloth. When you need to change, wipe (we use cloth wipes, as well), pull the insert out and throw everything into an old pillow case lined trash can (we use the flip lid kind). When you are nearing the end of your diaper stash (we usually wash when we are down to two-three diapers left), pull the pillow case out and dump everything into your washer with one squirt of Charlie's Soap. It is that easy. After a wash and dry, you have a whole set of clean diapers, no run to the store, and no more money spent. Read the blog, "It's so easy... a daddy can do it" to see how even a Daddy enjoys the benefits of cloth diapering.

And, while there are many cloth diaper options nowadays, we stuck with FuzziBunz because of the quality and ease to which they fit our daughter and how well they washed. It is what we put on our precious baby girl, it is what we now bring to you here at Eco Womb.

Angela MalsonComment