Families on the Road

So, we sold the house, downsized significantly, moved into the Eco Womb Tour Bus, what now? How do we live and learn full-time on the road in our RV? Well, just ask members of Families on the Road and Full-time Families. An amazing group of people, full of life, full of adventure, all living on the road, exploring the world, teaching their kids by fully engaging in the here and now... inspiring! And, we definitely were inspired after attending the FOTR/FTF Rally in Cape Canaveral last month. As newbies to this whole full-time RV thing, they made us feel right at "home" :-) We had amazing conversation, from how food affects our bodies and minds, to how kids learn on the road, to best concerts we ever attended, to how to fix a hot water heater :-). We made friends fast and by the end of the weekend we felt like family. We played football with the kids, watched a puppet show, rode bikes, climbed trees, shared a pancake breakfast, had a show of homes and business expo, watched the sunday football games, took care of geico the gecko, learned my first hoop trick, and had many fun times around the campfire! My favorite part had to be the fun around the campfire... songs, stories, games, drummin, more stories, and well, hmmm, some crazy late night campground adventures! For those that were up that final night, thanks for being there, you guys are awesome! And, truly good souls for caring and watching out for others.

We ended up all staying an extra night to extend the rally, it was just too much fun to stop! And, made many memories that we are still talking about. Amazing connections, really! So what now? Well, we went back to South FL to wrap some things up, move more stuff to storage and Goodwill, sell our car, and get a little more settled in the RV. We are so thrilled to have gone to the rally and feel it was meant to be for us to experience it all at the start of our journey. We have not stopped talking about the fun we had and the amazing families we met, and can't wait to meet up with them again on the road!

And if you want to see some of the fun, check out this video and this one, too. Yes, we aren't the only ones out there full-timing it, and after meeting all of these amazing families, we feel energized to let the journey unfold.

Angela MalsonComment