At Home on the Road

Well, the past few weeks have been busy, busy, but not in a busy scheduled frenzy kind of way, more of the nomadic flow of fun goings on and not constantly plugged in kind of way. We have done lots, seen some sights, traveled tons of miles, and played and learned and rested all on the road. I am just now catching up on blogging about it all because although we have internet access wherever we are thanks to our trusty Verizon Wireless card, we aren't constantly online. We are still learning how to balance it all and run our business and make a home and explore this great world and find time to just "be" so my time writing has been either late at night or maybe a random day when my littlest is napping.

We have made the Eco Womb our home and absolutely love it! We have added our special photos and pillows and it feels so cozy, with all of our comforts of home. Amazing how much stuff you just don't need. We did save some things of sentimental value, albums and family photos, some boxes of toys and "school" stuff, a few select pieces of furniture, and many boxes of books, but mostly to donate to our friends' farm once we get a chance to move it out of storage in Florida up to the mountains of NC. Otherwise, we got everything we needed down to what would fit into the RV, all other clothes, kitchen stuff, DVDs, etc. we just sold or donated. And, it feels good to be lighter. Even the RV is lighter than when we first moved in, literally, it feels lighter to drive. And, the freedom to drive our home on wheels wherever we want, well, that feels so secure. I mean wherever we park, we are home.

One night we pulled in late to a campground in South Carolina and literally couldn't see a thing, the road was narrow and it was very dark, and we pulled in, plugged in, and went to bed. I sat there as I nursed my baby daughter to sleep and thought, we have no idea where we are, but, my, oh my, we are home. We have all of our comforts, our favorite pillows and blankets, our cozy bed, food, and my favorite iced tea in the fridge, and it doesn't matter where we are, we are home. Then, the fun of waking up and exploring a new backyard, how cool is that? Loads of fun, I tell you, and so much more to come!

Angela Malson4 Comments