Always an Adventure!

The best part about full-time in the Eco Womb is that we always have our home and business with us. So, when this beach girl needed to refresh and breathe in some sea salt air, we headed east until we hit the ocean. The only thing better than parking on the side of a mountain is parking right on the beach. The views are different but amazingly the same. The feeling of something bigger, the vast size of the sky, the clean fresh air. And, what fun taking the farm fresh pup off the farm and to the beach for the first time! He just jumped and pounced all over the sand as the kids did the same :). We stayed in Kitty Hawk and spent some time at the Wright Brothers Memorial where the kids got to climb on a biplane and fly (run with arms spread wide as wings) the same course as those first few trials. Lots of fun!

We also had an opportunity to connect with some old and dear friends, and mama even got a night out with the ladies! Wow! We were only there for a night, but sometimes that's all that is needed to feel refreshed. And then, we were on to visit family for Christmas in April. Yes, our family does stuff like that. It has been so hard to see family with the cost of travel and a mortgage, but now that we are free from our house, we hope to see them more, and actually do Christmas in December, haha. Love them, doesn't matter where we see them, or how often, it is always such good quality time. And, they have supported all of our crazy adventures, can't ask for anything more! It was also nice to be parked in my sister's driveway when we were going through a course of tough events, a trip to the ER, stomach virus going around, RV repairs, huge storms, etc. Having family there when you need it most somehow always makes it all better.

Went from Asheville to Kitty Hawk, from the mountains to the ocean, and back again in just a couple of weeks. And, always an adventure, we wouldn't trade for the world. Even when there are bumps in the road, the adventure calls us to keep moving. And, I have realized that it is that adventure, that call of the road that helps keep me balanced. So even when there were literal bumps in the road, and things came crashing down on us as we traversed off the side of the mountain, or took a turn too fast on a city freeway and all of our contents from our fridge came flying out, it is the adventure of it all that keeps a smile on our faces. We are building stories to tell, and memories to last.

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