Happy Earth Day!

From our family to yours, we hope you enjoy this day and spend it outside under the sun or under a tree, running free or dreaming big! The Eco Womb Tour Bus launched just six months ago and we are gaining momentum and loving the adventure of reaching out to more families on the road, all while running on the sweet smell of veggie. Thanks to all who have supported us in this endeavor, family, friends, and new sponsors - Letterbox Studios, Eco Simplista, Charlie's Soap, Green Circle, and Patriot Biodiesel. More to come on these awesome companies doing their part to support a sustainable future. We are loving connecting with so many like-minded souls and enjoying educating others on the benefits of simple living, sustainable products and services, alternative fuels, and renewable energy. We have also thoroughly enjoyed our time at Colony Earth Farm and feel blessed to have such awesome friends to join on this adventure in homesteading as a community.

So, on this Earth Day, just one year from the Gulf Oil Spill, just remember that every action has a cause and an effect. Every big thing that the big whigs do to harm our environment does more than just destroy our ecosystems, it deteriorates our health and livelihoods, our economy and future. But, just as well, every little thing each of us does to better our environment, also helps the health of our children and the strength of our communities. So, support local small businesses and farmers, buy organic, connect with your community, and vote with your dollars. And, even in tough times, with a weak economy, and the harsh realities of the world in which we live, make sure to simply enjoy what this great world has to offer. Go on a hike, take notice of the spring flowers blooming, the wildlife awakening, and make time to enjoy stopping every two steps with your three year old to see the beauty in our environment, under a rock or in a puddle. Yes, boycott the big corporations that are cheating us out of our livelihoods, protest the big banks that claim to be too big to fail, but also seek balance in remembering what it is all about... finding peace and harmony in living within our environment that sustains us.

Angela Malson3 Comments