Earth Day is Everyday!

Whew! The past couple of weeks have been busy for the Eco Womb! We traveled to South Florida, participated in two Earth Day events, celebrated Easter, spent time with friends, and went from the mountains to the beach and back again (love doing that). Our first event was with Daggerwing Nature Center, a place we have frequented with our kids on a weekly basis for several years. We did homeschool classes there, went on nature walks, built compost bins, made handmade paper, and did origami. Such a beautiful setting and such a warm place, with all of the naturalists truly enjoying their work of educating and involving the community in caring for our environment. Love it there! So, we were thrilled to be asked to participate in their Earth Day Celebration.

We were also thrilled to participate in Citrix Systems' Earth Day and Take Your Kid to Work Day event. Citrix provides innovative products that enable employees to be more productive with their time and tread lighter on our earth by connecting companies all over the world without travel, expense, and a huge carbon footprint. Their GoTo Meeting product enables companies and clients to connect and have full discussion meetings worldwide as if you were in the same boardroom. And, we are grateful that they support working remotely so that my hubby and I could follow our dream of launching the Eco Womb Tour. As an employee of Citrix, he is able to work full-time while being full-time in the Eco Womb and full-time with his family. Not only have they made this balance possible, but they support green initiatives with their company-wide Citrix Green Team, continually trying to make the workplace environmentally friendly.

At each event we showcased the Eco Womb Tour Bus and did veggie oil demonstrations, discussed alternative fuels, renewable energy, simple living and sustainable products. Much fun was had by us and the kids and we love not just educating people on alternative ways, but connecting with so many like-minded and open-minded souls. Also, congrats to Richard and John-Marc for winning the Eco Womb Tour Organic Cotton Tee Giveaways! Be sure to check out our Eco Womb Tour Gallery page for photos from these events, and keep checking back for more information on upcoming Events.

While in Florida, we also celebrated our first major holiday in the Eco Womb Tour Bus. We thoroughly enjoyed Easter weekend, making new memories and following old traditions. We dyed eggs naturally with turmeric, blueberries, and this year we also tried red wine (which came out as a fabulous lavender). We hid eggs inside, and although a much smaller space, so fun because it was all new! Then, we hid eggs all over the campground, playground, and then enjoyed our Florida tradition of going to the beach that afternoon. Truly, a beautiful day! While in town we also visited Sunflower Creative Arts for one last Little Sprouts (an awesome program for little ones 18 months - 3 years, where parent and child can blossom in a natural environment with play-based learning). Love Sunflower and Ms. Susan! :-) And, we enjoyed biking to the park to meet friends, and having a big ole campfire at the campground. To catch up with friends that are taking steps to live freely, become entrepreneurs, travel with their families, to see the wave of living fully spread to those you love, well, it just makes the heart bigger. Love to all of you out there taking steps to follow your passions and chase your dreams! And extra hugs to all of you out there taking steps to live more simply, tread lighter in your travels, and make a difference by inspiring others. Everyday truly is Earth Day, let's spread the love and live it up!