Happy Dad's Day!

Happy day to all the Daddies, Papas, Dads, Grandads, Opas, and all the amazing guys out there that support us Mamas and their kiddos! You rock and are our rocks, providing unconditional love and support and the much needed balance to our 24-7 job of being a parent. Thank you!

And, thank you to my amazing hubby who makes the best breakfasts ever, gives the best massages ever, and knows how to not only work hard, but play hard, too! He loves the outdoors, photography, woodworking, making music, exploring, and playing with the kids and dogs. He is an "Eco-Dad" because he cares about what is in the food that our kids eat, buys locally grown and made, takes reusable bags to the grocery store and farmer's markets, knows that natural is always better, and teaches our kids all about renewable energy, alternative fuels, and simple living... simply by living it. Love you, honey!

And to my dad, aka Opa, thank you for teaching me to conserve to not only save money, but to save the planet for your future grandkids. ;-) You taught me well, and I am eternally grateful for your loving support in all of my crazy endeavors.

So, how is your hubby, dad or loved one an "Eco Dad" - share in the comments, and share in the love!

Angela MalsonComment