Eco Womb Tour Bus Adventures

So with four events over a two month period, the Eco Womb Tour Bus was on the go back and forth between the ocean and mountains a few times. Rolling fast on the way, downhill to South Florida, and climbing slowly back up to Western North Carolina. Our trips followed the pace of how the Eco Womb rolled, as well. On the way to our events we were in high gear, excited, full of energy, and on the way back we took it easy, stayed a bit longer at campgrounds when we felt like it. A nice flow to this nomadic ride that we are on.

With our two Earth Day events behind us in April, and much energy felt in participating in those with Daggerwing Nature Center and Citrix Systems, we were excited to kick off an early summer festival in Summerfield, NC, home to my sister and family. We have parked in her driveway before, love time with my sis and brother-in-law and niece and nephew! So, have gotten to know the neighbors, and it just happens that one of their neighbors works as a city planner and was involved in Summerfield's Founders Day Festival. He had invited us to go when we were there in early April, but after traveling across North Carolina and then back and forth to South Florida, we weren't sure we could make it back so soon. But, why not? We could park at my sister's again, and they wanted us to be in their parade! How fun is that! And, fun it was! Our baby girl helped Daddy drive in the parade, while our son and nephew walked with Mama along the parade route handing out flyers and waving hi, with an occasional, "Peace and love everyone!" Then, we set up for the day and met lots of wonderful families, introducing them to Eco Womb and the safe, eco-friendly products that we carry. The festival was set up like a fair, so there were rides and bounce houses, and oh my, did the kids have fun! Even the rain didn't deter the crowds or the excitement, just made the lines to the rides that much easier. Fun was had by all, and we were encouraged to know that there was genuine interest in how to convert to waste veggie for fuel, where to get biodiesel, love for our tour shirts, and questions from a couple of parents in changing over to cloth diapers for their babes. We were able to fuel up with Patriot Biodiesel, and learn that they deliver 50 gallon drums to customers locally in the Greensboro, NC area at only $3.40 a gallon, a 65 cent savings per gallon. We had a great time hanging with our family, and got energized for our trip south and onto our next event.

We knew Randy Eady, aka the Foot Whisperer, through a couple of prior events in South Florida, but it was at our Earth Day event at Daggerwing Nature Center that he invited us to participate in his Weekly Wellness Series at Cie's Artisan Emporium in Delray Beach, FL. A beautiful oasis of mango trees and good vibes, including the Red Tent Wellness Center, the Purple Lotus Kava Bar, Cie's Bakery and Maureen's Teas. Offering organic treats and teas, and a community feel of being connected with like minds, Cie's Artisan Emporium was a relaxed event where we had time to engage in discussions about alternative fuels, sustainable living, and how we could all work together in promoting a community connection of wellness. We even got to walk in Randy's foot garden, so serene, and have dinner on the deck as the tiki torches were lit. A beautiful night, an awesome community vibe!

What's been a series of events for the Eco Womb Tour Bus over the past two months, has also been quite the ride for our family. We celebrated our one year of owning the bus, we participated in two Earth Day Events, kicked off our summer festival tour, and our youngest son turned eight (Happy Birthday Little Man!). We were also interviewed for the upcoming launch of Blindfold Magazine, highlighting people stepping outside the box to make a difference. And, we connected with so many amazing people at the 2nd Annual Eco Lifestyle Gala! Talked with Patricia Arquette about her work in Haiti for the Give Love organization and setting up container housing, helping them build their own composting toilets, and supporting a greener rebuilding of a still ravaged country. Discussed with Stephan Brooks the fun of traveling in a RV and his work in creating Kopali Organics. And, enjoyed conversation and amazing music by Robby Romero and Cameron McKay. You guys truly rock, in your message, your style, and your music! Each year the South FL Green Drinks hosts this event, and it just keeps getting better. In support of Give Love and Global Green, the event raised money to help the greener rebuilding of Haiti. This year Eco Womb was able to help with the auction by providing a Mommy Starter Gift Set, and we thoroughly enjoyed a night out for a good cause.

So much fun, so many wonderful people met, so many adventures as a family. Even on the road between events we have been making awesome new friends. We met Mike and Kait, newlyweds from New York, on a side trip to Skidaway Island State Park in Georgia. They are on a tour of the country in a Westy VW Camper running exclusively on biodiesel, how cool is that? And, Robert Roskind, founder of the One Love Foundation, has created the Gathering of the Peacemakers to connect others in searching the way. So many good people, and all it takes to meet them is to set out on the road up for any adventure. Truly loving it!

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