Thank You 2011, and Intentions for 2012!

So the holidays have come and gone, the New Year is here, and I still can't believe how time has just flown by. I last blogged about our Fall Tour in fast forward because we were still trying to catch our breath after a whirlwind of events and excitement during the American Autumn. Then, if you follow on Facebook, you must have read about our downturn when we broke down for a few weeks. I did write about it all, but didn't post at the time and have since taken a break from this space, not because I intended to, just because I was allowing things to unfold in the moments and slow down enough to enjoy those moments with my family. It can get pretty busy on the road moving from place to place, transitioning three littles constantly, juggling three jobs, and enjoying all the places we have been. So, after our breakdown in Northern Florida and Louisiana, we decided to enjoy, to slow down our pace a bit and actually take in our drive, and take a little downtime for the holidays :) We enjoyed Thanksgiving with family in Texas, a tour of Tennessee lit up for the holidays, and Christmas with the kids nestled in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. We even got to play in a dusting of snow before we hit the road again. Hope you all enjoyed blissful time with your friends and families, too, during the holidays, and that you have welcomed the New Year in with love and intention.

We are so excited for 2012! While there is a lot of turbulence and tension in the world right now, there is also a lot of love being uncovered in the hearts of so many different souls once all segregated by societal norms, and now connected by this conscious wave of awakening. We feel so inspired by the many faces of change we met during our Fall Tour and our holiday travels that we intend to make this New Year full of giving back, connecting and co-creating change. To everyone that marched with us from NY to DC to demand labeling for GMOs, we want to keep marching for you. To everyone who supported Eco Womb by buying online or at one of our events, we want to thank you and promise we will continue to provide independent, handmade, and eco-safe products for your families. To everyone who waved at us on the road or commented on our blog or followed us on Facebook or Twitter, we want to give a shout back and send out (((hugs))) to promise that we will continue connecting across the miles. To all of our Fuel Sponsors and University Biofuel Programs that helped keep us on the road this year, we want to say Thank You, you truly are creating change for the future. To everyone who engaged in conversation about alternative fuel, sustainable living, eco-safe products, natural health, GMOs, the evils of Monsanto, corporate control of our food system and economy, and all of those other taboo subjects, we love you. You are the reason we do this, to share the passion about co-creating change in this world, to turn the way it has always been upside down, to think outside of the box, to create a different norm, to engage and connect with you on these subjects that are not discussed readily enough in our media or government, but that are so vital to the future for our children and their children. Thank you. You made all the difference in 2011 and as we jump into 2012, you help fuel our passion to continue to engage, educate, connect, and co-create.

So, as I consider my intentions for 2012, how I intend to live consciously in every moment, I think of all of YOU that we have connected with in 2011. Our journey has only been made possible by these connections and I feel that our path has been led by the pull of connecting - connecting to each other, connecting to nature, connecting to the rhythms of the earth, moon and sun, connecting to the past, present and future, and connecting to the love that everyone holds within. I hold so much peace in knowing that this love can be felt within us all if we are open to it and open to each other. So, go ahead find someone to connect with, openly discuss a matter that is important to you, find common ground together, connect with nature and your family, love yourself and everyone around you.

My Intentions for 2012 for myself, for my family, for Eco Womb are... * to live peacefully within so that I may hold peace for our family and belief in peace for our world * to love and be loved and express love and find love in everything * to learn from every moment how to love unconditionally * to live connected... to myself, my body and mind and emotions... to my family, my kids and husband... to my tribe, my community of friends that also have a passion for life... to my broader community, everyone we meet that is open and awake and shares even one underlying value for love and conscious connection... to the world's people who are seeking to find connection... to Mama Earth who has been praying for this connection for a long time and who has nurtured all of the world's living creatures through it all... to our higher spiritual selves, our creator, that love that binds it all, to seek a way to help co-create a different world, a better world, a peaceful, connected, conscious world in which we all will thrive.

What are your intentions? What do you want for yourself? for your family? for this world? Everyone can do something, and collectively we can co-create what we seek. It is happening all over, that fabric of connection is being weaved from all corners of the planet, people are waking up to realize that they don't have to sit by and watch things collapse, that they have the power to co-create something different. We all want to love and be loved, we all want to sustain ourselves and our families, we all want to be healthy and happy and enjoy family and friends. We all want to be free from oppression, have food and clean water, a warm place to sleep at night, support when we are down, the right to thrive when we are up. So strip away the labels, step out of the ring and stop taking sides, look at what really matters. Live what really matters. Live intentionally. Live out loud. Live connected and at peace. Live to love and love how you live. Don't just live... thrive and love.

Angela Malson3 Comments