Connection. For the past month we have been surrounded by friends. Families that are all living intentionally, either on the road full-time, preparing to journey across the world or making their own way on some grand adventure. All living outside the box, creating a different norm for their kids, and loving every minute of it. Friends that have become family to us, friends that get the way we live, and share in wanting to live with purpose every moment of everyday. We have found ourselves opening up to these friends the first time we had a conversation with them, connecting on some deeper, spiritual level. We have discovered that our paths are all very similar, and that in trusting to allow the wind to guide us, the universe always steers us exactly where we are meant to be when we are meant to be there. We have also grown and changed even more into who we have always been. We started really listening to our hearts, feeling that power of love that is so strong inside, and found that the more we lived intentionally from that center, the more we had to give to others.

For the past year we have been connecting with people in the most amazing way. We have done events or been traveling when random (or not so random) people come up to us and start talking about the deeper things in life, what's going on in the world, how to reconnect to our roots and discover our purpose. This is what it is about for us, connecting with all of these beautiful souls. And, the more we have been open to that, the more our energies attract it fully. It is amazing! And so, in January, on the first full moon of the new year, I hosted a Gathering of Intentions for 2012. We shared a meal, we played, we talked around a campfire, we drummed, we connected. I was so full of love that everyone came, and that everyone cherished that time together as much as I did. It also fueled me to continue gathering like this on every full moon, as much as we could. And, so we have.

We went to the Families on the Road Rally with other families that live full-time on the road, playing, swimming, dancing the night away, enjoying meals and music around a campfire. We journeyed to Legoland, FL with these same families for a day of fun and rides. Then, we again all gathered at the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park for a weekend long Kids Music Camp. They received personal musical instruction and shared in making music together at a concert for the parents. We had so much fun together that we stayed the rest of the week, just being together. And, sharing in the next Full Moon together, drumming, belly-dancing, fire-circling, and working through some powerful self-realizations on so many levels. Turning inward will always be powerful, but growth happens when the energies align for you to feel safe and strong enough to move through them. Imagine several families connecting at this level, creating a village where we do feel safe to be our true selves, our whole selves, who we were meant to be and have always been. Imagine families supporting each other in this process, and having fun at the same time. So grateful to surround our kids with this. The world is rocking, and so much despair is happening, yet if you tune into your conscious self and awaken to that energy, you will find it and it will fill you. You will be able to ride the waves, trust in a bad economy that you will float, see the positive, surround yourself with community that supports you, and be awake to the beautiful possibilities of the future. 2012 is not the end and things will not crash this year, it is a time of conscious transformation. We are beginning to see the world shifting in so many different ways, and that may seem rocky and unsteady, but it is also part of this amazing time of change. It is happening in all of us personally and it is happening in this great big world of ours... the live local, think global of our time.

So as we continue on this great journey to connect with others, we continue to be fueled by the energy created as we gather. Like nomadic tribes of old, we are getting back to our roots and trusting that we can weather any change as long as we have family by our side, good friends that have become family, a warm fire to gather around, and good food to nourish our souls. So surround yourselves with what fuels YOU, live with passion, and have fun!

Angela Malson1 Comment