this Christmas, gift love

silent night
holy night
heavy hearts
with fear and love
so much sadness
so much grief
yet, so much love
to create real peace 

release your light
send out your love
there is enough energy
to wrap the world in hugs

just keep your chin up
see the good in the bad
don't ever give up
however down or sad
know there is love in the world
seek it out if you don't receive
and if you fall, get back up
always remember to believe

our world needs us, all of us
together, connected
for there is more power in love
feel it, share it, embrace it 

now more than ever
make the shift happen
for all those children
for all of my children
for all of the children of the world
brothers, sisters, together as one

silent night
holy night
lift your heart
create real peace
peace within
is peace all around

this christmas, gift love
it's what we all have in our hearts
it's what the world needs
we can all do our part

Angela MalsonComment