Happy Winter Solstice!

Happy end of the world, ha! Happy new beginning! Happy change and evolution! Yes, happiness to all that is happening in the world and all that is to come. For I have seen it and it is beautiful. Even in the midst of tragedy it just feels that there is more, there is peace, awaiting behind the veil. All we have to do is lift the blindfold and SEE it, FEEL it, KNOW it. Yes, it is possible. We just have to be OPEN to it, and boy, am I ready!

There will still be tumultuous times, tragedy in the news, but you just have to understand that those times don't define who we are unless we let them. I have known tragedy in my lifetime, I have lived in poverty, I have struggled, I have been sick, I have been starving, I have been depressed, I have been hurt and lost and close to the point of giving up completely. But, that is not who I am, that is just my story. I AM alive and thriving and feel LOVE. I give love freely, and in return receive love always. It is that simple. If every one of us could openly give and receive love, there could be peace, and the story could change, history could change. It already is, all over the world people are waking up to new times, moving away from the love of power that has kept us in the confines of negativity, and leaping toward the power of love as we embrace our interconnectedness to all that is. So, as I chose to stay snuggled close to my family and home this Winter Solstice embracing the power of love and peace within, I was overwhelmed by the amount of love I felt worldwide. I felt drums beating, shaking ground from dancing in circle, and joyous chants from brothers and sisters all over. I felt the warmth of a fire, the steady breath of my loved ones as they slept last night, and inner calm and peace.

I then awoke today to beautiful sunlight and glistening snow, and trekked up the mountainside with my kids to breathe in the crisp air and thank the universe for this time of transformation. We hiked in snow boots through snow and cacti, reaching the top so that we could plant a tree in honor of this new birth of humanity. They gently dug a small hole in the ground, with twigs and water from melted snow in their little hands to soften the earth. They placed the seeds of a blue spruce in the dirt and we all thanked Mama Earth for the beginning of this tree's life, promising each other we would come back and check on our tree sometime again down the road. My little blessings, in tune with the rhythm of the earth, in tune with the way life is birthed, in tune with the cycle of all that is. Our role as parents is to guide them in how to feel all that they feel in a safe way in this world of ours. To help co-create the earth that they were meant to live on, not at the frequency of how it's been. Moving toward truth and love and all that is naturally. We are the ones they have been waiting for because they knew this was how it was supposed to be for a long time. They have just been waiting for us to catch up. To get out of our old stories and wake up to theirs, to stop living in the past and live in the present.

So, I celebrated breath and light and love with my family and felt a breath of calm. This is our story, this unfolding, this transformation. This is how it is supposed to be, and BE it will. You have the power to change your story, to learn to thrive, to shine in the moments where you just are. We all have that power, and together that is what is changing the world. So, how did you celebrate the Solstice? How are you celebrating the holidays and ringing in the New Year? How is your story unfolding? Let's share together how we are creating change so that we can feel the power of collective intention. Join us in this journey of conscious connection and let's BE together as one.

Happy Winter Solstice. Happy New Baktun. Happy New Year. Happy moment of peace and love to ALL of you! Now is the time for new beginnings, so how will your story unfold if you choose to LIVE it, FEEL it, BE it?

Angela MalsonComment