Giving Myself Permission to Write From the Heart

So, I have been making more time and space for writing lately, but not necessarily posting. Not sure why, could be because of all the craziness and busyness that has happened in the past two months, ha! Could be because every time we think we are getting a break in the breakdowns, something else breaks. Could be because I put pressure on myself to write and have photos a certain way, and edit myself like crazy. Could be because I am trying to run a business, manage three websites and social media sites, and roadschool my three kiddos everyday. And, maybe it is just a time of processing, a time of evolving, a time of transformation, yes... yes, yes, yes. I certainly have been feeling in transition, constant change going on around me, movement, but not just literally, on a higher frequency, attuned to so much energy. But then I realized that this is what I am meant to share, this process, this transformation, what it takes to go through the shift, the conscious evolution happening in the world. 

So, I am allowing myself to not just write about where we are going on our travels, what our events are about, and who we connect with (although, no worries, fam and friends and sponsors, I will still write about those things to keep you up to date), I have decided to also share the process of this conscious journey that we are on as a family and a tribe of families out here on the path to connection. How I am evolving as a mama, a writer, an activist, a life learner alongside my kids, a gypsy nomad connecting with the world and finding myself along the way. I want to share where my mind wanders sometimes, the poems that come out of my head at 2am when I can't sleep, the passion I feel about the state of our world and the shifts happening and just how you become an active participant with kids in tow, the importance of healthy eating and standing up for the right to know what is in our foods and just why that is so stinking important!

This is who I am and this is what the Eco Womb Tour has always been about. This is how we have always been able to connect with families on the road, by being ourselves and speaking from our hearts. So, I guess I am just giving myself permission to speak from my heart in this space. As a writer I am feeling the need to write more and share more, it is my way to connect with you here online, especially as we all cozy up for the winter. I hope you engage in conversation with me, come aboard the Eco Womb for a cup of hot tea as we share stories and passions, open your hearts and open your minds, and enjoy the ride! From my family to yours, much peace and love to you ALL!

Angela Malson3 Comments