love in the stillness

love in the stillness
stopping to feel it
slowing down toward the solstice
breathing in winter's pace

the universe always knows
what speed and what direction
we are headed
just have to slow down long enough
to embrace it, become it

so much yet to do
on the road
in the movement
to create change
for the world

yet, change begins within
peace starts at home
this winter, a feeling of nesting
has overcome me
literally stopping me in my tracks
there is plenty of time to help the world
right now my inner being is calling
to help myself, my family

conscious awakening
from within
conscious connecting
once our family has had time to reconnect

so much yet to do
yet so much already done and doing
everyday, every moment
every connection made with my child
every conversation had with my husband
every peaceful reminder to slow down and embrace the now
the present being, the time of awakening
from within first, family first

that is what creates change one family at a time
just love when a mountain hike, fresh air, and my feet in the dirt
remind me of all that i already knew
to get grounded, breathe in the change as it is happening
slow down the pace so the kids can breathe it in, too

ok, universe, i hear ya'
i think i did all along
just something about these mountains that helps realign my soul
to the rhythm of mama earth and the spirit of my being

Angela Malson1 Comment