Finding stillness in the everyday

So, we made it to Colorado, after one crazy ride, literally. And, we are getting grounded once again. We are always home on the road wherever we are, but when you are in a stretch of moving constantly and have a place, a destination in mind, there is a quickness to the pace at which you move, an unsettling about the when of where you're supposed to be. And, the kids feel it, too. They would ask constantly when are we getting to Colorado, when, when, when? Friends were waiting for us there, our village, a reunion. We needed that. We needed a reset with them, our family on the road. We needed the hugs and the conscious convo and the campfires and communal meals. We needed the support, the shoulders to cry on, the laughter, the community. And so, we reset. And have gotten grounded here in these mountains. Dry, yet oh so sunny, my how we needed all this sunshine!

The mountain hikes, beautiful drives, red rocks, and crisp air has done us good. We have spread out in this wide open space, taken time to catch up on work, did inventory, caught up on our around the world study, played with maps, and we have created fun art projects, all because it randomly happened on a slow day. We have a newly friended pet deer, literally visits us now everyday. Kids call her Apple, she kinda likes the organic apple slices they throw to her, as they use their "tracking feet" to follow her across the campground. We have gotten in the holiday spirit, made handmade Christmas links and an Advent Calendar, and picked out our Christmas tree. Surrounded by the beauty of nature here, we collected pine cones to paint and hang with hemp string to decorate our tree. And, the simplicity of it all is exactly what we needed.


Time to sit and breathe. This mama needed time to write, catch up, and rest. So many big plans for next year, but now is the time to nest. And, with all of the craziness in our travels to get here, it seems the universe is in agreement. With as many breakdowns and financial strains as we have had because of said breakdowns, it seems we were meant to slow down. So, thanks universe for the reminder. Next time, though, we can do without the trouble. Or, maybe life throws trouble your way just to remind you of how simple it is to lessen the worries when you are still. For a nomadic mama, stillness is relative. I am always home. But, even if my home is on the move, there can still be quiet, there can still be slow days of peaceful reflection. Sitting in the dirt with my kids, hiking and touching the mountain rock, sitting out under the moon alone, these are all things we can do wherever we are, whatever our day brings. Rich or poor, worried or settled, busy or not, we can always find stillness. All it takes is to stop and breathe. And, in that breath is peace. And, in that peace is change. So, if connection and peace and change are what I am meant to do during this conscious awakening, then it has always been there inside, stillness waiting to surface.

Join me in taking a vow to always find stillness in your day, time to stop and breathe, hug your child, sit with them in the dirt, talk to the moon, hike into the wild, touch the earth. And, let me know how it goes. Stay connected here, stay connected to your family, your community, your inner self, your spirit, and let's create change together, from within.

Angela MalsonComment