Keep your heart open and doors will open for you!

I always tell people that when your heart is open, doors will open for you. When you lean into trust and intuition that everything will always work out and that you will be sustained, then opportunities will follow. This past month has been a roller coaster for us. We have been educating on the road for so long for FREE that we found ourselves running on empty. Our hearts were still full of passion for what we do, but our pockets were dry. And, with three amazing kids to feed and the need to sustain ourselves doing what we love, we realized we needed to restructure so that we could make it all happen. By putting it all out there in my last post I leaned into trust that my best way to connect was through pure honesty, however vulnerable that made me feel. Being that open and raw and true also allowed me to be real and by being real I could lean into trust with more ease and less resistance. 

So, with all great shifts, there were highest of highs and lowest of lows. One minute we were actively fundraising with much success, the next we were so physically and emotionally drained we crashed. One minute we found ourselves trying to stretch two hundred dollars a couple more weeks, the next we were receiving a message from our first main Sponsor. Literally that one was within minutes of each other, and so ensued tears of despair turned tears of joy within a span of twenty minutes, whew!

We are so grateful to Dr. Bronner's for stepping up to be our first Main Sponsor and believing in us enough to help keep our family on the road and continue our Educational Programs. We are also grateful to all of our Fuel Sponsors who donate free waste veggie oil to keep us going, all of our Eco-Supply Sponsors who have donated or discounted resources and services to help maintain and upgrade the Eco Womb Tour Bus when needed or provide The Conscious Caravan with samples and products to use for our Educational Programs, and all of our additional business supporters who help promote us, barter with us, and/or share with us this collective vision on how we can all connect in this time of conscious transformation. We are so grateful for every single one of you who contributed to our Indiegogo Fundraiser campaign, who shared our links online, who sent reminder emails to friends and family (love you Mom), who interviewed us, and surrounded us with support during this time.

We are grateful to everyone we meet on the road either at events, or campgrounds, or even at local parks or markets, where we have connected and shared stories and stayed in touch to continue the thread of conscious awakening happening all over. Thank you for all the donated grease, the time and knowledge spent helping us figure out how to fix our 74 VW bug, the fun had at playgrounds with new friends of all ages and from all over, and the connections made with so many people that we have begun to feel like local nomads wherever we go. And, we are so, so very grateful to our village, to The Conscious Caravan, our tribe that continues to surround us with constant love and support, and healthy meals to keep us fueled, campfire conversations to keep us going, brainstorm sessions to help us figure it all out, walks and talks and true connection to help keep our hearts open, and oh so many hugs!

Our hearts are full, our passion is still as strong as ever, and we are excited for the next leg of our adventure! We trust that living a life of connection will always sustain us because we are ALL inherently connected to this great earth. And, we feel called to continue on the path and continue on connecting families and creating change. It is who we are, it is what we do, it is in our blood, it is in our breath. If we haven't already, we look forward to meeting you! And, if we have already, we hope to make it back! Just remember that we ALL are one, and that in order to sustain ourselves, we must sustain mama earth. That is our path, that is our life's work. And, during this time of great shift, connection with our true selves, our children, our partners, our tribe, our community, our world... that connection will always lead us to where we are supposed to be in that moment, and every moment is perfect.

Angela Malson1 Comment