Why We March

We marched in the Right2Know March in the fall of 2011 from New York City to Washington, DC to bring awareness to GMO labeling and the harmful effects of GMOs on our health, soils, farms, and entire food systems. We learned a lot then from our Tour with the Sustainable Living Roadshow, the Non-GMO Project, and Dr. Bronner's, and committed ourselves to continue spreading awareness as we traveled the country with our family. Our time on the March was even captured in a spot on Genetic Roulette, a film that exposes the industry and big money behind GMOs and the health ramifications we all endure because of it, and just what we can do about it all.

So, we continued to march and learn and educate others on these dangers. And, we launched the Non-GMO Family Awareness Campaign to connect directly with families so that they could understand how they, too, could go Non-GMO on a budget and continue to get updates on GMO labeling laws and initiatives.

We supported Prop 37 in the fall of 2012 and brought awareness on a GMO Education Tour through the midwest and much of Monsanto's original farmland with the Fuel for the Body Bike Tour. And, we launched the Non-GMO Family Food Drive in November 2012 to donate safe, healthy food to families in need during the holidays, because we believe EVERYONE has the right to know what it is in our food and have access to local, organic, healthy options.

Honestly we continue marching everyday, sharing the message whenever someone asks us about food or health or GMOs. 

So WHY does our family continue to March?

We believe EVERYONE has a right to real food!

Our soil, water, air, food supply and health DEPEND on it.

Our kids NEED us to stand up for their future and support all that sustains us.

To support local organic farmers and local economies.

To educate on the harmful effects of GMOs and make the connection between our increasingly sick children and chemicals in our food and environment!

To help expose big business behind government policies.

To spur grassroots change one family at a time.

Because as parents we have to fight for our children's health.

And, because our kids deserve a better world.

That's why. And, from the mouth of our then 4 year old as we stood outside Monsanto Headquarters in St. Louis, MO in October 2011, she asked, "So WHY can't we just go inside and ask Monsanto to stop making GMOs and stop making people sick?" And, really, it should be that simple. We should NOT live in a country where big business pads the wallets of politicians and so goes our policies. Corporations should NOT be given the green light to ruin our soils, farms, food supply and health. But the sad truth is that they are, and I had to tell my daughter that they just won't listen. So, that is WHY we march. So they WILL listen. So my daughter knows that her mama and daddy stood up for her safety and health and future. So my kids know that we fought for our food and soil and water and air and really all that sustains us. So that they understand that their voices matter. So that they stand up, too. Because change does happen with one voice and one mama bear roar and one family dedicated to connecting with others to share the truth. You CAN vote with your fork and your dollar and not buy into their web. You CAN be a part of the change. Join us in marching.

March Against Monsanto this Saturday, May 25, 2013 and join 2 million marchers worldwide in 49 countries and at 370 events! Find an event near you - http://www.march-against-monsanto.com/p/blog-page.html and stay up to date on more events at http://www.facebook.com/MarchAgainstMonstanto