embracing it all...

embracing it all, the pull, the wait, the internal, the big picture

and breathing it in knowing that love always leads the way.

we are all on the right path at the right time

even if we sit on the side of the road for awhile.

just a call for pause and a moment to reflect,

to scream impatience

or to surrender the circumstances.

it is a choice, and a process.


life is good, it is always good.

every breath we take is life

and that is good in its simplest form.

spirits are always dancing around us,

and they know the way, leading us to the light.


it is up to us to shine, even in the darkest of hours,

and especially in the darkest of hours,

shine on bright and beautiful, and embrace

all that surrounds you.

the concrete jungle, the crashing waves,

the flower growing in the sidewalk,

the resistance and acceptance.


i received a hug today and it was all i needed to get through.

a hug of understanding, of friendship, of quiet and laughter.

sometimes just a gesture of kindness, a smile, a passing hello

can get you through to a place of calm.

we all need to be the calm we wish to feel in the world.

it will be what truly brings about peace.


so embrace someone in a long heart-fllled hug

and hold on and savor the connection.

embrace yourself where you are at the moment

even if it feels like you shouldn't be there.

for there will always be a reason and a season

you just have to lean into trust and let the rest go.

Angela MalsonComment